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As technology becomes easier to develop, we expect to see more location specific apps to help people locate new and familiar businesses. CII Technology Solutions has assembled a listing of six apps, to demonstrate their effectiveness. 1. IndyGo Available in iTunes & Google Play independent newspaper IndyWeek has assembled one of the best apps available for the public. IndyGo permits you to learn what’s going on in cities all around the Triangle every day of the week. You can purchase tickets for shows inside the app, and revel in the area’s most extensive listing of everything from concerts and art openings to athletic events. There is even a GPS locator included in this app, together with a function which lets you instantly invite your friends to enjoy the fun. Rated user friendly, IndyGo brings people and events together. 2. WRAL About & Out Available in iTunes & Google Play WRAL may be a local news organization, however the WRAL Out & About app is all about participating in regional culture and entertainment. This app guides users through researching dining, events, nightlife and more. You’ll find concert dates, festivals, images, restaurant listings and more. Included are all the cities in the Triangle — Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, and much more. The editors compile lists of the top food, events, and drinks in the area in the Best Bets section. You can find movie times. The info is based on your current location using GPS, which makes this application ideal for those spontaneous nights outside. There’s even a map section complete with instructions. About & WRAL Out is among the most comprehensive event planning programs available for the area, with a versatility and ease of use that’s tough to match. The information is comprehensive, and the consumer ratings and Party Pics allow you to find out what men and women are saying about local businesses and events. 4. RGreenway Available in Google Play & iTunes for something a bit lower key, try out the RGreenway program. This program lets you check out all the paths in Cary and the surrounding areas. You will discover unique trails, whether the greenway is paved or unpaved, and what other trails are near, where they end up, what sort of parking is available. You will even be able to tell where restrooms and water fountains are along the way. Track your progress along the route! The best part about this program is that it motivates users to get up and get outdoors. Cary and the surrounding areas have some greenways, but people don’t make the most of them the way that they should or could. 5. In the event that you want to have an amazing curated guide you have come to the right place with Cary Offline. The program covers the Cary area, including neighboring Apex and Durham. It functions like a social media news feed packed with images, tips for events, posts, and adventures which you can partake in if you’re out and around downtown. The Weekender feature allows you to plan the way you’re going to spend your weekend. You can use the function to look to get an entire month. Pick any day and turn through neighborhood phenomena, then put away your phone and go have some great times “offline”! Search for additional Offline programs for Charlotte, Cary and Chapel Hill. 6. ABC11 Cary Available in iTunes & Google Play Staying up to date does not need to be a struggle with the program. You are going to receive breaking news, weather, traffic, national news, local stories and more. There is Apple watch integration with this one. User friendly and always current, the ABC11 program is brimming with details. This app is great for cable cutters who don’t see the local news by means of a cable subscription but that need to stay abreast of the stories in the region. This application is focuses on sending alarms for other weather updates and dangerous meteorological events. Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived in in the Triangle for your whole lifetime, you are going to get a lot from those programs. Learn more get out and do more and revel in living in this place. Have an idea for a Cary-related mobile app? We would love to help you out so contact us now!

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