3 Steps to Jump-start Your Network Security

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October 10, 2012
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October 24, 2012

Here’s a sobering fact for Cyber Security Awareness Month: a recent study by the National Cyber Security Alliance found that 83% of small businesses don’t have any plans to deal with network intrusions or data loss. Even worse, 77% believe they have adequate network safeguards.

Chances are your small business may be one of the 83% without a good security plan. If you’re one of the 23% who want to get help (and even, or especially, if you’re not!), we have some tips to secure your business network and information technology.

1. Prevention

Firewalls, antivirus protection, and spam blocking tools are all methods of keeping the bad guys out of your business network. A password-protected firewall works as a perimeter around your computers. Just like with a physical wall, only people with the correct credentials can get in. Antivirus continually checks your server and computers to make sure that nobody tries to sneak through a back door, and spam blocking keeps out those who try to pass themselves off as legitimate guests. All three act as first lines of defense in the fight to keep your network safe.

2. Tune-ups

Are you still using that old computer from 15 years ago? Old machines may run slow, but they’re also vulnerable due to outdated software and security protocols that can’t compete against current threats. Like getting an oil change, regular upgrades require an investment in time and money, but they’re far cheaper than going without. Without security updates and patches for your business network, a security breach could cause real damage to your company infrastructure, reputation, and customer base. Depending on your industry and state, you may face legal issues as well. Trust us: it’s better to get the maintenance done.

3. Salvage

Never underestimate the importance of regular, secure backups for your business technology. We live in an imperfect world. Even with all the preventive measures and regular repairs, there is the possibility for something to go wrong. Whether it’s due to a natural or man-made disaster, a loss of business data could be the ruin of many a small business. Data protection ensures that no matter what happens, rain or shine, your business can get back up and running promptly. That way you can be there for your customers when they need you most, and you can stop feeling like you’re one roll of the dice away from a meltdown.

4. Service

Wait, we said three steps, so why are there four? Because these security measures aren’t easy to implement. You’re likely feeling a bit overwhelmed right now at what it will take to get your business network and information technology secured.

That’s why we help businesses just like yours take care of these important policies every day. Our belief is that you shouldn’t have to become a security ninja just to stay in business. Instead, our security plans allow you to focus on the fundamentals of your market while we take care of the tracking, patches, and fixes. Just like a good automotive service, we work out a plan that fits your business technology and regularly checks for the things we know cause problems. Our service plans are built for small businesses in mind, with quality service at a great price.

If you’re confident to take the first 3 steps to jump-start your business network, go for it. If not, we’d love for you to contact us to get started.