Amazon Echo Apps


With Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices becoming more popular in 2017, many people are wondering how to apply the devices to their business and personal lives. Developers can now build applications for the growing family of devices. These applications, known as Skills, are voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa device.

Amazon Alexa Devices

Alexa can be used on the following Amazon devices:

Alexa is also available on non-Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. New devices, such as the Lenovo Smart Assistant and LG ‘Smart InstaView’ Refrigerator, were announced in early January at CES 2017.

Why develop an Amazon Alexa Skill?

Amazon Alexa skill development may seem like something to do just for fun, but there are actually many business applications.

  • Reach More Customers

    The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are consistently the #1 selling devices on Tap into this new sales channel!

  • Convenient Access to Data

    If you or your employees need quick access to business data or metrics, what’s easier than just asking for it?

  • Brand Awareness

    The Alexa Skills store has over 7,000 skills. Make sure your brand has a presence!

  • Get In Early

    Voice interfaces are the next wave of innovation in computing and consumer electronics. Don’t get left behind!

Cii Technology Solutions Alexa Skill

Looking for an example? We put together this skill to demonstrate how a skill can raise brand awareness and provide customer service.

Enable Cii Technology Solutions Skill