You have big ideas. Maybe it’s starting a new business venture or simply improving the one you already have. Now all you need is an app developer to make it happen. We develop all sorts of software applications, from mobile and tablet apps to desktop, web, and kiosk apps. Software and application development has been one of Cii’s main focuses for many years. That’s why our original software department is now called “Application Development”.

We combine a unique blend of passion, experience, and dedication to create software, web, and mobile applications that bring your business ideas to fruition. We build applications that fit and adapt to you and your staff, not the other way around.

Our Development Services:

Web Application Development

Web or Cloud-based applications are basically like storing your software on a website rather than physically on a device or server. Web apps are great for trying to reach a wide audience, or make it easier for your users to access the application from anywhere.

Business Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for your business designed to accompany the mobile customer or employee. Extending your software or workflows past the desktop and connected to the mobile world of your employees, or simplifying and mobilizing your company and getting it into the hands of your customers.

Custom Business Software

Software solutions envisioned by you, built by us. We create applications to help you accomplish your business goals, while keeping you and your end users in mind and involved.

Software Integration

Integrate your software into your website, integrate software with email or other programs you use every day, or integrate two separate industry-specific software products your company uses. Whatever you wish to make work better for you, we’ll help you get there.

Emerging Technologies

New and exciting technology applications are created and tested every day. From the Internet of Things to voice-activation, we stay on top of these new developments and come up with creative and effective ways for your businesses to use them to its advantage.


How our Application Developers Help:

Idea to Execution

Our team can take your ideas from start to finish including focusing, designing, developing, and even branding the finished product to the world. We are truly the one-stop-shop you need to develop your desired application.

Simplify your Business

We have the skills and experience to develop solutions that will make your people more efficient and your business more profitable. We develop apps to help reach consumers, as well as apps to streamline and improve your internal business efficiency.

Rescue Missions

Sometimes you have a software system in place that works, but isn’t perfect or needs an update. We are experts at taking a broken system and turning it into exactly what you need without breaking the bank in the process. Whether your app or software is a completely new idea, or requires and improvement to an existing application, we have the skills and experience to help you develop something amazing.

Application Development Services

As one of the most experienced Raleigh application development companies, our developers bring a collective hundreds of years of experience to software and application development in North Carolina and the rest of the United States.

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