Mobile apps are huge. It seems like there are a billion today, and there will be a billion more of them tomorrow. But how many of them are business focused? How can businesses utilize a mobile app to improve their processes, reach, or bottom line? Our development team actually creates business mobile apps that solve a multitude of issues for many different industries.

Mobile applications offer many advantages to consumers and businesses alike. Whether used by customers or employees many benefits can be enjoyed; including the large audience size and engagement potential. As reported by CNN in 2016, 81% of U.S. adults have smartphones (CNN Report). This indicates how large of a sector the mobile market is and how mobile apps can be used by almost everyone.

  • Use cases for many industries/functions
  • Can be used on mobile phones and tablets, even offline
  • Easy access and connectivity for mobile workforce

While we have assisted in placing apps in the app stores, including our own apps, business mobile apps are our specialty. Regardless of your industry, custom mobile apps can help you and your mobile workforce stay connected. Synchronizing your in-the-field or remote workers with your central office can become a breeze with a streamlined mobile app. It can also help you access, retrieve, and input relevant information on the fly from your smartphone. Meetings, travel, and limited desktop access won’t disconnect you from your work when your business mobile app keeps real-time business info at your fingertips.

We’ve helped countless companies improve and simplify their business by integrating mobile apps for Apple or Android devices. Our developers want to help your company gain an advantage and adapt to the mobility of today’s distributed workforce. Keep your people connected, and make doing business possible on the device that’s always in reach.

What Our Mobile App Developers Do:

  • Help you brainstorm and refine ideas to integrate mobile apps into your business. Familiarizing you with existing mobile apps along the way.
  • Add insight from research and past development to develop strategies and ways to extend your budget.
  • Give realistic outlines for phases and launch, and use best-practice codes and methods with room to grow and expand the application in the future.
  • Keep you involved in each phase of development to ensure the final product is exactly what you want.
  • Assist with testing and quality of the mobile app while allowing you and your selected test users to provide feedback and recommend fixes and updates.
  • Perform updates with bugfixes and new features as-needed by you/your users.

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