As a modern technology company, we aim to stay on the forefront of today’s technology; especially tech that has business applications. When new products, systems, integrations, or other technologies become available, we research and analyze as quickly as we can. In this section, we discuss these emerging technologies which we’ve found ways to develop into positive solutions for your business.

Mobile applications offer many advantages to consumers and businesses alike. Whether used by customers or employees many benefits can be enjoyed; including the large audience size and engagement potential. As reported by CNN in 2016, 81% of U.S. adults have smartphones (CNN Report). This indicates how large of a sector the mobile market is and how mobile apps can be used by almost everyone.

Amazon Alexa and Echo

According to Amazon, “Echo and other Alexa devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.” These virtual assistant devices, in many ways, help keep you connected and accomplish things faster.

Amazon’s commercials and videos show off the many uses:

With Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices becoming more popular in 2016 and 2017, many people are wondering how to apply the devices to their business and personal lives. Developers can now build applications for the growing family of devices. These applications, known as Skills, are voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa device.

Alexa is also available on non-Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. New devices, such as the Lenovo Smart Assistant and LG ‘Smart InstaView’ Refrigerator, were announced in early January 2017 at CES 2017.

Why develop an Amazon Alexa Skill?

Amazon Alexa skill development may seem like something to do just for fun, but there are actually many business applications.

Reach More Customers

The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are consistently the #1 selling devices on Amazon.com. Tap into this new sales channel!

Convenient Access to Data

If you or your employees need quick access to business data or metrics, what’s easier than just asking for it?

Brand Awareness

The Alexa Skills store has over 7,000 skills. Make sure your brand has a presence!

Get In Early

Voice interfaces are the next wave of innovation in computing and consumer electronics. Don’t get left behind!

Cii Technology Solutions Alexa Skill

Looking for an example? We put together this skill to demonstrate how a skill can raise brand awareness and provide customer service.

Enable Cii Technology Solutions Skill

If you would like to explore a Skill idea or integration with your Amazon Echo device, contact us today!


Beacons offer a location-based service by interacting with smartphones. Essentially beacons can be placed just about anywhere; and when a smartphone is in range it triggers a notification or reaction on the smartphone. This technology presents many options for businesses with physical locations, especially those with high foot traffic.

An easy example to picture is a museum with multiple exhibits. Each exhibit may have a beacon, and the beacon can be set to send a message to all smartphones within 20 feet. So when some carries their phone near the exhibit, they are prompted with an option to read or listen to more about the exhibit they are near.

With iterations of beacons from Google and Apple, it’s easy to reach a wide audience of smartphone users. Companies have used these opportunities to offer limited-time specials or more information about their business through ads or videos.

Do you have an idea for a way to utilize beacons in your business that you’d like to discuss? Contact our developers to discuss ways to develop and implement the idea!

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