Today, there are hundreds of apps, websites, or programs that you could use throughout your workday. There are many business-focused applications out there, whether off-the-shelf or custom built for your business. But what if more of these every-day applications worked together or integrated so you didn’t need as many? Software integration makes this a reality, and we’ve helped many businesses integrate two or more applications into their day to day workflows.

Software integration doesn’t just mean implementing a new program into your workforce; it’s increasing the usefulness of your applications by allowing them to work together and combine functionality. Maybe you want to integrate your e-commerce platform with your accounting system, or integrate something on your website with DropboxSalesforce, or your email marketing platform.

  • Simplifies workflows by reducing steps to complete tasks
  • Improves software functionality, saving you time and the need to open multiple apps to do the same thing
  • Improves operational efficiency for staff

Maximize Efficiency with Integrated Workflow Apps

Bad technology is worse than none at all, and you and your people shouldn’t have to adapt to software solutions that loosely fit. Your business needs a solution that works the way you do, works for your budget, and is able to scale to your growth and the changing IT landscape. Cii delivers software integration solutions that help your business run the way you want it to.

We’ll customize and simplify the technology and processes your business takes to get things done. We put you in control of the software you use, not the other way around.

Let your Applications Utilize Cloud

Sometimes an application may not need to integrate with another, but just needs to integrate with cloud. Making an existing software application more cloud-based often solves issues with it and isn’t as time-intensive or costly as you might think. Give your applications the power of the modern web.

What Our Software Developers Do:

  • Learn and understand your current software programs and processes.
  • Work with you to determine the ideal ways to integrate your systems and workflows from a wide variety of experience.
  • Develop practical, professional integrations through best-practice development methods and languages.
  • Integrate existing applications with Cloud to make them more accessible, user-friendly, and modern.
  • Stick to the plan and budget you determine.
  • Help to implement the final product and train you and your staff on new systems.

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