Web applications have really taken off in the last decade. From Facebook to your online banking program, web apps are all over the place. At times, you may be on a website and not even realize that others would refer to it as a “web application”. Despite becoming more popular recently, we’ve been involved in web application development for many years.

Web apps are a good place to start for a company wanting to create a new app. They’re also a great idea for a company wanting to expand a legacy application or make an existing app more accessible to its employees and/or customers.

These types of cloud-based/web applications can be created through a wide variety of different methods and languages. They often require a more complex structure and database than your typical informational or Content Management System website. They also offer robust functionality specific to the industry, and stick to a system of updates and releases like a traditional software program.

However, maintenance and updating is much simpler with a web application. Pushing out updates, making edits, and bug fixes are easier with a web application, since users see the updated version next time they visit the website. Updating the application on the web server, rather on on users’ machines individually, means that everyone will automatically see the new version on their next visit to the application’s web URL.

  • Accessible from anywhere with internet
  • Can be used on mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • Easier to maintain, edit, and update

web application could be the right fit for your business needs. From concept to look and feel, to execution and launch, we make sure your web application development project works for you and your users. We also make sure to stay transparent, and work within your budget and time-frame. Rather than forcing your company into an application that doesn’t quite work, let us develop your custom web app.

What Our Web App Developers Do:

  • Listen to your needs and makes them central to the design and development process.
  • Add experience and insight in the latest approaches to turn your vision into a reality.
  • Use best-practice methods and good coding, rather than taking shortcuts.
  • Build effective, mobile-responsive custom web applications.
  • Give you the final say on the design and functionality, and communicate with you throughout the entire process.

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