Auditing Software Development

Auditing Software Development

Cii Technology Solutions offers a strong history and long list of experiences in custom software development. From desktop apps, web apps, kiosk apps, and even mobile apps, we’ve developed almost every kind of software that’s used today. Cii has accumulated a particular core competency in auditing and accounting software development, since we’ve been building software for accounting and financial firms since 1983.

A Little History

These systems included “Fast”, or Financial Audit Systems, which became the Accounting world’s most used automated Work paper and Audit System. This system was sold to Prentice Hall in 1989.

Cii developed a second system for Grant Thornton that was used from 1991 through 1995. Cii assisted Grant Thornton in the sale of that Windows-based product to CCH Computax. Cii then built a third system of Work paper, Audit Planning, and Audit engagement, and continue to develop and enhance those systems for Grant Thornton International today.

From website development and web-based communications to social media guidance and even mobile app development and approval – it is a one-stop shop for your technology based communications! Bravo Cii.

Tara Lightner Robbins Executive Director - Midtown Raleigh Alliance

Our Auditing Software Today

In addition to our team having years of top notch programming experience, it also has years of experience and understanding with Accounting and Audit Software, including their systems and processes. This saves time and adds value for users, since the team is very familiar with terms and methodologies associated with Accounting work papers and Audit and review systems. We are ready to build all types of systems with both the technical function and the user experience knowledge for accounting and auditing tasks.

What we can do:

  • develop innovative, custom auditing software from start to finish
  • include features and functions according to your employee and customer needs
  • edit or build upon off-the-shelf accounting software packages you already own
  • refactor, translate, or modernize custom software you’ve developed in the past
  • apply your software to a new operating system, platform, or mobile interface

Our software developers create programs and applications to your current needs, and can handle the updating, strategizing, direction, and translation of the software as your company and user base grows. Our development team is eager to work with you, build new systems, and help your company grow.