Business Continuity Zebulon

Business Continuity Zebulon

Disaster is looming around the corner.  When will it strike, no one knows.  Is your Zebulon business ready for the consequences? The consequences directly related to a disaster is the specific reason every company, in Zebulon, needs a business continuity plan.  It is essential to guaranteeing the security and continual operation of your organization with the best possible measure at success.  When disaster comes ashore, you must have a current, battle tested plan ready for all personnel responsible for carrying out the plan. The lack of a plan will cause you’re a delay in your organizations recovery. The lack of a business continuity plan for your business, in Zebulon, may result in the demise of your business.

CII Technology Solutions is the foremost expert in Business Continuity plans, in Zebulon, and we stand ready to assist your team in designing the most effective plan needed for sustainability and success, of your Zebulon business.  What is a Zebulon business continuity plan? A business continuity (BC) is defined as the strategic maintenance of operational business functions or swift resumption therein when an event or disaster causes a major business disruption.  These disruptions can be the result of a hurricane, the loss of a key employee, fire, flood, or malicious cyber-criminal attack. A strategic business continuity plan positions procedures and instructions an organization are required to follow during such events or disasters; it covers business processes, assets, human resources, business partners, etc.

A disaster recovery plan, which focuses specifically, on replacing IT infrastructure, is just one vital part of a complete business continuity plan for your Zebulon business.  Failure or inability to address every portion of the planning process is akin to complete failure and CII Technology Solutions will guide you in making sure all portions are completely addressed. The restoration of IT is vital for most Zebulon companies, with many disaster recovery solutions available. Does your IT team have what they need to implement the solutions? What about the rest of your business functions? Your company’s future depends on your people and processes.

CII’s team of exceptional experts devoted to the development and assessment of premier continuity plans across many industries. If your Zebulon business does not have a business continuity plan ready for the inevitable, we recommend beginning by evaluating your business processes, determining which areas are vulnerable, and the potential losses if those processes go down for a day, a few days or a week. Once we have finished with the assessment, the next critical steps need to be made to develop a strategic plan:

  1. Identification of the scope of the plan.
  2. Identification of key business areas.
  3. Identification of critical functions.
  4. Identification of dependencies between various business areas and functions.
  5. Determine the acceptable downtime for each critical function.
  6. Create a plan to maintain operations.

Once the plan is in place, it is vital to test for efficiency and viability. A disaster is the ultimate test, however if it is not sufficient or there are planning issues, then it is possibly too late for adjustments.  Testing of your plan can be done in a variety of ways including:

  • A table top exercise
  • A structured walk-through
  • Disaster Simulation testing

When testing your plan, we recommend the inclusion of new employees or employees who have not experienced the plan.  These new fresh set of eyes can locate or shine light on inconsistencies or glaring problems with the plan.

Our CII Technology Solutions Zebulon Team working in conjunction with your team of professionals, will work through every step of the business continuity process.  Upon completion, you will have a plan that will insure the continual operation of your business under any potential scenario.  Contact our team at (919)676-8300 to start the process of laying out a plan for your Business Continuity, in Zebulon.