Business Mobile Apps Wake Forest

Business Mobile Apps Wake Forest

Technology is advancing at a break neck pace and you do not want to be left out.  The advances in business mobile applications or apps has been amazing and unbelievable. There are apps for your favorite sports, news organizations, even location specific apps.  You think of it there may very well be an app for that.  At CII Technology Solutions, we are determined to help businesses take advantage of these changes and advancements and put them ahead of the competition. Wake Forest, NC businesses deserve the technological service they have come to expect and the customer service uncommon in the industry. 

Why does my business need a mobile app?  We often get that question when introducing the concept of a business mobile app. The consumer is using their mobile phones at a ever increasing rate.  Your business needs to go where your potential customer is.  If they are increasingly using their mobile device versus the home computer, then it only makes sense to have a mobile app that creates and facilitates the conversation.

If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands like Walmart and Bank of America, you are wrong. More and more small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. If your still unsure if your Wake Forest business needs to invest in a mobile app then lets look at the benefits.

Consistent Visibility to Customers – Statistically the average American spends more than two hours a day on a mobile device. Typically, a handful of applications make up the bulk of this total usage, however, each user must unlock, scroll, and scan their device for the apps they’re in search of. Being “in the way” can be an advantage, since the mind unconsciously records every image (well-designed app icon) and text, even if it happens subconsciously.

Direct Marketing Channel Creation – The many functions of Apps: they can provide general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, etc. One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers at their fingertips, including special sales and promotions. Push notifications add another closer level of direct interaction, and can easily remind customers about your products and services.

Value Add for Customers – The key is on-hand information, such as digitizing your loyalty program.  As opposed to the old point-collection card, making it possible for your customers to collect rewards via your mobile app. The results are more downloads and return customers.

Brand and Recognition Increase – A mobile app greatly contributes to brand awareness. A blank billboard sign is what a mobile app is similar to. Your options are limitless, but ideally you want to create an app that has features your customers will love, while being well branded and beautifully designed. A good design will lead to involved customers increasing their inclination to buy. In advertising, this is called the “effective frequency”: as a rule of thumb, hearing and/or seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will get you truly noticed.

Customer Engagement is Improved – A messaging (or help desk) feature within your app can make a difference in the communication with your customers. How many customers would prefer to communicate with you via text than via phone?

Stand Apart from the Competition – Mobile apps are still rare among small to medium sized business; thus this is an opportunity where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors. Be the first in Wake Forest to offer a mobile app to your customers. They’ll be astonished by your progressive approach!

Customer Loyalty Cultivation – Customers are bombarded with advertising.  A true and sincere connection with your customer is the way to make them a loyal customer. A mobile app is a tool to that will bring you closer to your customer and keep you just a fingertip away.

Either way you go, a mobile app is going to be a standard component of any business in the future. The choice you make today is going set the foundation for the future of your business. It’s on you to decide whether you’d like to be one of the first.

Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived in Wake Forest for your whole lifetime, you are going to get a lot from having your own business mobile app. Have an idea for a Wake Forest-related mobile app? We would love to help you out so contact CII now!

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