Cloud Desktop Wake Forest

Cloud Desktop Wake Forest

For simplicity, efficiency and other amazing advantages, CII Technology Solution’s Cloud Desktop service alternatives, for Wake Forest area business, are designed for companies of any size. Utilizing desktop hosting you’ll be able to retrieve your company software and information from anywhere in the world with a connection that is online and active. Meaning that you and your employees are going to have massive benefits over the old, traditional means of handling office and business-related IT issues or even general information, all the way down to basic things such as accessibility of a document you forgot while on a business trip.

Cloud Desktop Hosting from CII is precisely what it seems like — utilizing the cloud server technologies by allowing you to have a virtual digital desktop saved on remote servers. It is IT as a service in lieu of a hardware setup. It saves you time, saves you money, and enables you and your employees to handle data and applications from almost anywhere on the planet, even from your home in Wake Forest if needed. If you have a trustworthy online connection, you can almost run your whole firm remotely. When you factor in our high-quality client service as well as the ease and safety of the virtual system, few other IT choices can compare.

If you are still on the fence, then think about all of the advantages that Cloud Desktop Hosting can supply you and your business:

You do not need to purchase thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive computing hardware, hence no need to regularly upgrade as hardware becomes obsolete or your company expands.

No dealing with upfront costs — including software or licensing charges

Power and storage updated in seconds. No more onsite setup, simply submit request for update and it will immediately activated.

Enormous boost to efficiency and productivity. You and your employees can access applications or data remotely from computers, iPads, tablet computers, some smart phones, and more. Any trusted and secure online connection can supply you with a professional office!

Hardware fails.  With virtual desktop and servers handled by our trained professionals, we will not leave you without support.

It is a simpler, cheaper, and more effective option; one which you cannot afford to pass by if you are serious about your Wake Forest organization’s bottom line.  Time is money. Increase your productivity today.  Contact us at (919)676-8300

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