Cii’s Cloud Desktop is a business solution that simplifies and improves business IT networks. Although ‘The Cloud’ sounds mysterious and like a big departure from the previous way of doing things, Cloud Desktop actually presents a much easier, more modern means of managing the technology, and the people using it, in the office.

Cloud Desktop - Work Anywhere

With Cloud Desktop, each employee’s work environment is located securely in the Cloud. What does that mean? Anywhere you have an internet connection and from most any device, your work desktop is available.

Cloud Desktop - Reduce Costs

Cloud desktop is a fixed monthly subscription. You won’t have to invest in expensive hardware like servers, and you won’t have surprise IT repair bills. Cloud Desktop is the simplest way to streamline your IT cost.

Cloud Desktop - Increase Security

Your company files are stored in highly-secure cloud locations that can’t affect your local hardware. Backups of all data are made daily, making sure your files are safe and available only to who you want.


Highly Available,
Disaster-Ready IT

(Bring your own Device)

Secure, redundant
data center

No maintenance costs

Streamlined IT costs

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Cloud Desktop freedom triangle


  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Minimize capital expenditures
  • Increase employee productivity, even outside the office
  • Connectivity from most any device, anywhere
  • Protect your data and devices
  • Daily data backups
  • Refocus IT resources on strategic initiatives
  • Predict your monthly expense

“This is an awesome step to take for any size business. CII worked with us through the whole process. The team at CII are so patient and knowledgeable. I love working in the ... efficient...less down time due to old equipment. I highly recommend them for all your business computer with Cii today.”

Patti Angulo | Client First, Inc. of South Carolina

Frequently Asked Cloud Desktop Questions

Do I have to move everything to the Cloud?

We also offer co-located hybrid cloud solutions, so you don’t have to give up your physical data to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Desktop. You can keep files on hardware in your office as well as in secure cloud servers to keep them more accessible and even safer.

How does it really work?

Rather than maintaining and updating servers, or trying to race to keep up with buying the best computers, your work environment is stored in a secure cloud location. Employees can use provided devices or their own to connect to their workstation through Cloud Desktop whether they are in the office or not. This way, work files are always available without the threat of losing or corrupting them.

What applications can be run in Cloud Desktop?

Cloud Desktop can run over 1,000 different certified applications. But it doesn’t stop there. New applications can be tested and certified upon request, and new ones are being continuously added.

Why should I use Cii to help my business move to Cloud?

At Cii, we know Cloud. We’ve tried just about every IT solution on the market, and we’re confident that our sound, stress-tested solutions are the best available. We make it easy for any business to move to the cloud safely. Our service team works with you every step of the way to make the transition smooth and simple.

Which devices are compatible with Cloud Desktop?

Cloud Desktop is compatible with just about any internet-connected device you could work on: PCs, laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, smartphones (including Apple and Android), and many more.

Confused by “The Cloud”?

We understand that it’s a big decision to switch your business over to the cloud. It’s not something you can rush into, because the technical aspects can often be confusing. So we have decided to make it easy for you to get all your questions answered. Calling us for a consultation is free, with no commitment to use Cloud Desktop. After talking with us, you’ll be confident in your ability to decide if the cloud is right for your business.

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