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As a tech company that’s been around since the early 1980s, we’ve seen a lot of technology trends, services, and apps come and go. Our goal is to always provide the best-available services and products to our clients; our experience, knowledge, and constant product-testing allows us to confidently offer the best of both worlds. We’re proud to offer a suite of tested, dependable cloud services.

Cloud IT Services often present a simpler, more manageable way of administering and maintaining IT systems in the workplace. Cloud approaches are often thought to be less secure than traditional on-premise IT infrastructures, but many of our Cloud services are used to increase security and create a safer environment in your network.

Cloud for Business Services:

Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop is the ideal business desktop solution for small to medium-sized businesses; especially for offices with travelling employees, on-the-go salespeople, critical document management, or ones approaching big hardware upgrades. Cloud Desktop reduces the bulk of hardware in your office and gives employees remote access to their workstations from anywhere, on almost any internet connected computer or device. Reduce office hardware clutter, work anywhere, save money.

Hosted Email

A highly redundant and available solution that allows your company to have fixed cost, no-surprise email communication. This solution does not require an administrator to manage an on-premise mail server; which can end up being costly for most businesses. Thanks to Hosted Email, dependable email no longer has to be pricey or difficult to manage.

Secure File Sync

A secure and simple way to cloud-enable your existing file server or create a hybrid cloud file synchronization solution; one that does not require a server at all. This solution has high levels of encryption to keep your data safe and secured when traversing the internet. It allows granular controls of permissions for the files that you share in your office, or with outside recipients. Safety features, such as data revocation, make this a unique and sought-after product.

Hosted Web Protection

This solution provides safe web browsing and internet access by blocking known malicious servers. Imagine your business cost savings when IT doesn’t have to constantly clean up viruses, and the productivity increases when employees are only surfing business-centric sites. Another added benefit is that the client can control what is browsed on company equipment by utilizing the content filtering feature that follows the machines. This technological advance improves upon past systems in which employees were only protected when inside the office behind a business-class firewall.


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Our cloud-based solutions are rigorously tested and proven to provide outstanding results. Click on any of the services above to learn more about its benefits and how it works.

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