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March 3, 2017
Customized Business Software Raleigh
March 17, 2018

Customized Business Software | Enterprise Software | North Carolina 

Innovation is fundamental to consistent and strong growth, specifically when your company has come to an impasse and, as with other companies, grown to a point that where stagnation begins to take hold.  It is at that time; the company must innovate and create a way to alter its course to reignite growth.  North Carolina is a prime location for companies to grow and innovate. The inherent nature of North Carolina is resistant to stagnation.

To Innovate or Not to Innovate?  Tis it be nobler to invest in customized business software or wane on the vine of uninspiring averageness?

Recent research has shown that business stuck in the status quo earn 15% less revenue, are 35% less profitable, and have 19% less market value than competitors. Falling behind your competitors will result in loss of corporate revenue. Technology changes and advances constantly, and North Carolina is known for staying abreast of these changes. We are often asked, “how do we reduce cost and prices without losing profits and quality?”  CII Technology Solutions has the technological advantage to assist your company in overcoming this challenge and maintain or grow your lead over the competition. We labor to provide the ability to forecast current and future company risks, while creating the best customized software solution to mitigate the forecasted risks. We have a plethora of years of experience in the optimization of project, process, risks and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project billing and project cost, for North Carolina businesses and corporations. With our experience and proficiency, we can examine your data and understand your competitive business environment. We communicate with your team to capture important process information and present the software requirements to business executives, accompanied by requirements and defining constraints of the customized or enterprise software. The subsequent customized software services will allow for maintenance and growth of your leading North Carolina market position.

Many companies, North Carolina, use software, such as Oracle and Excel, to manipulate data, large amounts of data, tasks, and processes.  This is just one example of an area where a customized or enterprise software solution can be an innovated jumping off point for your company. The team, at CII Technology Solutions, can provide your team with a customized or enterprise software that will enhance productivity and, if applicable, will provide a means of information sharing from your customers directly. All CII Technology is enterprise-grade custom business software and web applications are uniquely manufactured and designed for your company’s objectives. Imagine the possibilities.

One-size-fits-all, never, however, we recognize the simplest approach to a problem is often the best. Our strength is founded on observing the big picture and solving business problems with a unique non-complex solution. It’s all about choosing the right tool for the job and getting them to work together. That’s where our North Carolina consulting and development team takes over. The benefits of customized software:

  • Increased Profitability – custom software increases profits and revenue, efficiency, improves processes and quality, reduces cost and cycle time.
  • Improved Market Share – increased competitiveness by distinguishing the company from the competition.
  • Strategic Business Value – a strategic advantage because of proprietary intellectual property custom-made to your unique business processes thereby increasing your business’s market value

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