Data Protection Charlotte

Data Protection Charlotte

It’s not really a matter of if you’ll lose essential data, but when. That’s why protection and preparation are top priorities CII Technology Solutions.  CII is singularly focused on the “when” never happening.  CII is the leading provider of data protection solutions for Charlotte and across North Carolina.  After experiencing a natural disaster or cyberattack, it can take a large amount of money and hundreds of hours to recover data lost.  A disaster of this scale can easily devour your business, due to the attempted recuperation and recovery. CII acts before data is lost, not after the damage has occurred. You’ll can be relieved your data is safe, no matter the conditions.  Be Proactive, Not Reactive!

As soon as we meet with you, we will take a thorough look at your system, determine which backup procedure will best fit your needs, and sit down with you to work out a customized backup program that can safeguard your system. We have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to the two main methods of backup – Local Backup, and Cloud Backup.

The goals of our data protection services are:

  • Reduce risk to your most critical assets.
  • Control information across various enterprise locations.
  • Enable critical business processes to continue.

At CII, we do not let technology pass us by.  We constantly monitor technological advancements and determine the optimal solution for securing your data.  If we find a better solution, we will let you know. Whether you’re a startup, small company, or large corporation, in Charlotte, looking for more information backup solutions, CII can help! We provide data backup alongside our crisis recovery services to customers nationally from our home base here in the Triangle region.

Call CII today at (919)676-8300 or even contact us online. Our Charlotte team is looking forward to helping protect your data and your business.