December Desktop Maintenance

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November 29, 2012
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December 12, 2012

As the first day of winter approaches we’ve all taken steps to get our homes and cars in shape for the cold season. While you’re scraping your windshield and covering your outside faucets, don’t forget that your IT needs regular upkeep and maintenance.

Here are some tips and tricks to “winterize” your business desktops and technology.

Test computer backups. They should run at regular intervals, and the backups should be tested to make sure you actually have the files you need in storage.

Run program updates. New Internet browser versions, Windows security patches, and other software updates are necessary for efficient, secure technology. Make sure you check those backups first!

Audit your machines. Do all of your employees actually use all the applications installed on their computers? Figure out who needs those resource-draining (and expensive) software packages, then uninstall them from those who don’t to free up system resources. Documents and files can also be a drain. Get file systems organized and delete unnecessary duplicates (remember, you’re making backups!)

Check the thermostat. Desktop computers are much better than they used to be about weathering the elements, but it’s still a good idea to maintain a neutral environment in your offices. Agree on a standard temperature and keep the thermostats there, especially if the room contains sensitive machines like your server.

Tidy up workstations. Computers are grime magnets. Make sure your screens and keyboards are clean, and use canned air to blow out the dust that’s built up over the course of the year.

Get IT help. If all of these chores put a damper on your holiday office cheer, we’ve got another suggestion: why not invest in a managed services provider to take care of these tasks throughout the year? Think of it as a gift to your business, one that keeps giving back.

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