Desktop Support Charlotte

Desktop Support Charlotte

CII Technology Solutions offers Charlotte businesses responsive support and sophisticated technical assistance for computers, servers, and network systems.  Desktop support available when and how you need it. Our remarkable desktop support professionals are friendly, knowledgeable, and trained on services designed to assist, fix, and support any computer problem you may experience.

Onsite and Remote Desktop Support: For serious technical difficulties and application installations and setups, technical assistance is the fastest and most efficient method to be certain that your systems are functioning at ideal levels. Our professionals are highly-qualified to examine, diagnose and solve system and computer problems swiftly and efficiently. During down-time, our tech’s can instruct users on an individual basis by providing education and assistance as required.  Contact us today regarding onsite support.

Like all employees in your business, our employees pass back-ground checks, which can help you manage your accountability when using outside service providers.

When our Remote Desktop Support Specialists are assisting you, you’re in complete control of your computer at all times. Our specialists are available 24/7/365.  Our Charlotte desktop services include:

  • PC performance tuning – Optimization of Desktops for improved performance and enhanced employee productivity
  • Operating system updates — We Care for your Desktops by installing the latest upgrades and security patches as they become available
  • Security — Because of the many security threats on the Internet and coming in via email, desktops must be secured using antivirus software. We install complex security software that can block threats in real-time, block phishing attempts, and more. Since it’s not practical to rely on human users to upgrade antivirus software, we make sure each background computer is upgraded in addition to running regular scans to ensure any malware that may have uploaded beyond the first defenses is found and removed.
  • Software setup and upgrades — Whether your desktops Run legacy applications or business productivity software like Microsoft Office, software must be installed and configured and occasionally updated
  • Troubleshooting and repair — Whether a desktop’s hard drive has failed or applications and parts are conflicting with one another, we can diagnose the problem and fix quickly. Our specialists are proficient at diagnosing and troubleshooting computer issues in addition to making the appropriate repairs

Help Desk Requests: For localized problems that don’t affect your entire organization, our Support Desk can troubleshoot printing and desktop problems, security issues, and answer questions allowing your staff and administrators to get back on track and optimize productivity.

Call CII’s Charlotte team today at (919)676-8300 or contact us online for a free consultation.  We look forward to working with you.