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Desktop computers were not a common fixture of the businesses in the past, even in Charlotte.  Once introduced, monitors typically took up half the desk and they took an inordinate amount of time to start up.  The modern Charlotte businesses and corporations have astonishing new monitors with hideaway computer towers. With desktop computers comes the need for regular maintenance, software installations and updates, and general computer issues and emergencies.  The goal of any business is to control capital costs.  This fact coupled with the lack and cost of suitable in-house IT expertise, involuntary staff reductions, and many other issues, are the reasons that necessitate the need to outsource some or all day-to-day desktop support needs to maintain suitable IT service levels and fast track important IT initiatives.

CII Technology Solution, in Charlotte, has a team of seasoned specialists with the experience and wealth of IT knowledge and insight forged through the daily support of a wide variety of companies, from large established organizations to smaller start-up firms, located in Charlotte. The simple choice of outsourcing desktop support services to CII Technology Solutions, allows companies the opportunity to achieve quality support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a comprehensive, in-house staff of technical professionals.


CII Technology Solutions has developed an remarkable line of desktop support services that are designed to help Charlotte companies from day one of a business startup or long-time corporation to dealing with budget cuts in a down economy or expansion during an up economy. All our desktop support services help companies avoid large IT expenditures.  Charlotte Companies rely on CII’s certified IT professionals for a many onsite and remote desktop support services.  It is critical to maintain the deployment of resources at full capacity.  Hence, partnering with CII Technology Solutions, clients are afforded the opportunity to remain focused on their core business objectives, while being confident in knowing CII will ensure their technology and critical business services operate without interruption. Our services include the day-to-day desktop support services including installing and maintaining computers, laptops, printers and other peripheral equipment, however, we pride ourselves in providing the critical system and network management functions necessary to ensure little or no downtime for an organization.


Often, Charlotte companies decide to maintain an in-house staff of IT personnel and utilize the services of CII Technology Solutions as augmentation to their resources. The use of our desktop support services as support for the overall business strategy, fast-tracking the completion of specific IT projects and complex IT initiatives.  Augmentation of desktop support services allows the successful completion of IT projects with less overhead. Our cost structure, combined with on-demand technical mastery, makes CII an attractive alternative to hiring and training staff for what often amounts to a short-term, one-off project or periodic high-level technical advice.

Our full line of Charlotte Desktop Support Services includes:

  • Technology Assessments
  • Day-to-Day Desktop Support Services
  • Computers, Laptops and Other Peripheral Equipment Installation and Maintenance
  • New Systems Implementation – Email, Backup Systems, Software Applications
  • Network Management
  • Training and Documentation Services


As widespread as desktops are in the modern office, laptops are slowly making large in roads. Laptops need the same support as desktops but often require more remote problem solving. Yes, support by the manufacturer is an option but what business has the time to wait the inordinate amount of time for a laptop to be repaired?

If your IT staff is small or non-existent, or you simply need to reduce IT costs, then contact CII Technology Solutions, of Charlotte, today for our free consultation.  We are your Charlotte Desktop and Laptop Support Service Provider.  (919)676-8300