Don’t Blow Your Rocket Launch with Bad Cabling

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May 8, 2013
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May 23, 2013

Regardless of the weather, it is officially Spring, and the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning is one that applies to your technology as well as your closet. A lot of us are drowning in cables: at our desks, in our homes, near our servers.

That kind of disorganization isn’t just an eyesore: it’s an efficiency drain that can cause issues when it comes time to troubleshoot a problem.

Take heart: it’s not just us average Joes and Janes who suffer from this affliction. Just recently a major rocket launch had to be canceled because a single ethernet cable came unplugged.

It turns out the problem was slight hydraulic movement of the transport erector launcher that raises and supports the rocket, coupled with insufficient slack in the cord to account the unplanned movement.

Just picture that: months, no, years of work, money, time, resources, all brought to a screeching halt because one little cable wasn’t given sufficient space.

Now picture your office. If you someone accidentally pulled a cable in your server room, could you keep doing business that day? Would you know how to fix it? Would you even know what the problem was?

We always advise our clients to properly secure cabling and keep server rooms organized. We’ve even been accused of being obsessed with proper cabling. But we know the consequences of sloppy work and don’t want to see any of our clients have to scrub a critical mission simply because their technology wasn’t given the proper care.

Here are some resources for tackling your technology’s organizational needs.

  • “Fight Entropy! How to Show Your Tangled Cables Who’s Boss” from Popular Mechanics offers some great advice on how to get those pesky cables under control, with large pictures to illustrate different methods.
  • “How to organize your computer to find information faster” from Microsoft at Work addresses the need to organize your digital life, like how to organize files and free up disk space by removing unnecessary clutter.
  • Search for “cable organization” on Pinterest to get more great ideas for how to tame your wires.
  • Another pair of eyes can always helps: we’re glad to use our experience to help you get any aspect of your business technology under control.

What tips to you have for keeping your technology in tip top shape?