In today’s economy your business needs more than a phone number and online directory listing: you need a fully-realized e-commerce solution for your products to compete and your market share to grow. Cii’s experience with robust, customizable options like aspdotnetstorefront allow us to create an online storefront with your unique touch, sure to stand out and help you succeed.  However, we can also help you integrate simple third-party solutions like Amazon, Google, and PayPal.

We work with almost every type of e-commerce platform out there.  We can also help you set up hosted solutions like Volusion and Shopify, or incorporate a store like WooCommerce into your WordPress website.

We can even integrate your store with back-end systems you may already be using, such as CRM software, accounting software, or inventory management systems, to make your store more seamless, easier to manage from within your company, and easier to track its performance.

No matter which system works for you and your business, we’ll mind the technology and upkeep, so you can mind the store.  We can train you on how to manage the store, too.  So once the setup is done, you can handle the day-to-day sales and inventory management, and we can manage the additional features and upgrades.

What We do to Help you Utilize E-Commerce

  • Listen to your needs and provide a full digital commerce plan before requiring payment.
  • Work with a variety of e-commerce options, both off-the-shelf and completely customizable solutions.
  • Create custom add-ons to online stores and develop product pages optimized for major search engines and online shopping distributors (Google Shopping, Amazon, etc.)
  • Manage the store for you, or train you to take care of the store’s day-to-day upkeep


We want online shopping to be made easier for you and your customers.  So give Cii a call today, or Click here to contact us about an e-commerce store solution that will change your business.

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