Emerging Technologies Charlotte

Emerging Technologies Charlotte

How do clients get a hold of you?  Emerging technology and recent trends have increased the customer touch points and greatly influenced the way in which customers or partners contact you. Understanding trends and corresponding impact, on your organization, can be significant in identifying new markets and recognizing future opportunities. If you want to empower you and your company to grow faster and smarter, then staying on top of emerging technology is the right choice. CII Technology Solutions prides itself on remaining up-to-date on the changes and the latest emerging technology trends that effect the economy of Charlotte’s businesses and labor force, which allows you to concentrate on what you do best. Our unique experiences, in the industry, allows us to provide solutions in each of the state’s major markets.

Charlotte, NC is positioned itself as a significant location for tech entrepreneurship and technology growht. Charlotte and its surrounding area have a venerable history of innovation and development. Charlotte and the surrounding area is home to more than 500 startups and several fortune 500 companies, and offers a strong cultural foundation and a deep talent pool with the nearby universities.  All positioning it to thrive in a global, digital economy. It’s no surprise that Charlotte is prime for generating the best venture capital returns, as well as one of the best places for business and careers.

Technology is always advancing, resulting in better, more efficient solutions for residents in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here are just a few innovations worth looking forward to.

  1. Biometrics
  2. Homomorphic Encryption – a method whereby encrypted files could be categorized, and mined, while remaining in an encrypted state.
  3. Battery Technologies
  4. Fog Computing – Fog computing takes cloud computing and pushes it out to the edge device, as opposed to keeping it in a data center.
  5. 3-D Displays
  6. Next Generation Wireless Communication
  7. Human-Robot Collaboration in the Workplace

There is one thing consistent about emerging technologies, they are always changing and new ideas are constantly materializing.  Call our Charlotte team today to learn more!