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December 8, 2015
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February 19, 2016
Update 9/13/2016:
As of today (9/13), Google Fiber is available in Morrisville, NC – N & O Article

Google Fiber is coming to the Triangle. When will Google Fiber be available in Raleigh? This is the big question; Google is being extremely tight-lipped about the whole thing and we are just as excited and curious as you are. Back in January 2015, Google announced that they were bringing their fiber internet service to Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Carrboro, and Garner.

To register for more information (and increase the likelihood that you’ll get services in your area) you can sign up here: Sign Up!

What to Expect

Google is going to be offering speeds of up to 1Gbps or equivalent to wired Local Area Network speeds. This is about 100-200 times faster than most businesses currently have. And if you still have a T1? It is about 650 times faster. Ouch.

So how fast an internet connection do you really need? Check out our article on internet speed that give you some guidelines on exactly that.

The exciting thing about these higher speeds are the new opportunities that these connections will open up, like cloud services, remote connections, and hosted web security.

See how Google Fiber has already improved businesses in other cities:


* As soon as we know more information on Google Fiber availability in the Raleigh-Durham area, we’ll post it here. *

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