Hosted Web Protection Wake Forest

Hosted Web Protection Wake Forest

Why would you leave your information just guarded by one layer of security?  Hosted Web Protection, by the leading IT company in Wake Forest CII Technology Solutions, provides another layer of protection for your company’s IT infrastructure.  This is achieved by automatically blocking bad URL’s and IP addresses with a constantly updated database of over 460 million web addresses and 740 million IP addresses.  Many zero-day viruses come from precisely the exact same source as the last version, therefore our hosted web protection can block malware and viruses before they are detected by traditional antivirus software.  CII’s hosted web protection service enables your Wake Forest company to handle your employee internet usage through internet classification of sites.  This feature is highly important to productivity by denying access to sites such as social websites, gaming and dating websites.  Blocking time consuming websites can boost productivity and profits.  Additional organizational protection can be provided by for your employees by blocking access to websites about violence, drugs and other subjects that may cause lawsuits or worse. Hosted Web Protection, by CII, allows you to maintain control of bandwidth use with alarms when devices exceed thresholds.  This early warning service allows for quick remediation to prevent unwanted expenses or a throttled network. A throttled network is a network that bandwidth has intentionally been slowed.  Our hosted web protection is designed to guard against sites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam.

Additional benefits provided by our Wake Forest hosted web protection service:

  • Business-class protection inside and outside of office
  • Low cost solution
  • Simple management interface
  • Content filtering
  • Blocks known malicious servers
  • Tenanted client portal (self-administration)
  • Blocks malware bot parent severs
  • Web browsing history by user
  • High-end firewall not required

With the internet being fraught with malicious websites, viruses, malware, and other business threats, leaving your Wake Forest business unprotected not recommended.  Imagine the costs to your business if highly secure data was lost due to unprotected web surfing.  Protect your company today by contacting our Wake Forest team for a hosted web solution review and consultation.

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