Information Security Chapel Hill NC

Chapel Hill, NC has seen miraculous growth in the number, size, and industry centered businesses. These businesses have critical information on their network requiring a system for protection. Information Security, as its explained, is the methodologies and processes which are designed and implemented to protect print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. Do you have an information security plan for your Chapel Hill business? If no, then contact the professionals at CII Technology Solutions to start the process of protecting the vital information housed on your network.

As a Chapel Hill information security company, CII has services directed at the protection of sensitive data and information, we offer consulting, leading-edge technology and powerful solutions to increase the protection of your organization.

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CII Technology Solutions offers consulting, integration, project management, and other information security related services for companies in Chapel Hill:

  • Information risk management and security compliance
  • Formation and implementation of information security policies and procedures
  • Information security support and monitoring
  • Disaster planning and Business continuity
  • Network, hardware, and software assessment and maintenance
  • Vulnerability management

The most important piece of any Chapel Hill information security plan and implementation process, is business continuity and disaster planning.   A written directive focused on your information security for when the unconceivable happens.  If your company, in Chapel Hill, does not have a written disaster plan with specific contingencies, then you’re putting your company in a precarious position.  Failure to plan is planning to fail. CII Technology Solutions has consulting guided procedures in place focused on directing you and your team through the business continuity and disaster planning process, within North Carolina regulations and laws. You need a disaster plan in place to secure your sensitive information. CII Technology Solutions has your Chapel Hill business’ back when it comes to information security.  We know what it takes to eradicate vulnerabilities and close loopholes. Your sensitive information is too important to not protect. 

When an attacker, an employee or malware threatens the very information that your business relies on, CII Technology Solutions will rapidly respond to the threat. Our professionals are highly trained and have responded successfully to some of the most high-profile breaches of the information age. We respond swiftly to all information threats and offer consulting and a range of other IT services to protect Chapel Hill businesses from becoming victims of cyber-attacks.

Your security system will be pushed to the limit, CII Technology Solutions, to ensure you have a well-designed system that will effectively combat cyber threats to your information.

Contact our Chapel Hill, NC team of talented professionals to put your information under the level of protection it deserves.(919)676-8300