Information Security

As important as network security is to your business, information security may be even more. Information Security refers to the processes and methodologies which are designed and implemented to protect print, electronic, or any other form of confidential, private and sensitive information or data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. The management of information security is an extremely complex matter.  The sophistication of threats has increased requiring mitigating solutions to be overwhelmingly vast in scope and number.  Technology is just the start of an information security strategy.  Your company’s information security strategy must have the right mix of services, people, processes and information security policy for a well-rounded all-inclusive approach.

CII Technology Solutions is proud to be a recognized provider of information security services. We have put together a full line of comprehensive services designed specifically for providing information security services to businesses of every size. We have the experience and expertise to deliver security programs that combine all the elements necessary. Offering the perfect mix of knowledge and expertise, our experienced professionals can provide everything from guidance to heavy lifting as you design, build and run the security programs you need to protect your organization.

As an information security company, CII’s strength is in the extent of our services. With comprehensive services directed at the protection of your sensitive data and information, we provide consulting, leading-edge technology and powerful solutions to better protect your organization.

There are NO Second Chances in Information Security!

CII Technology Solutions provides consulting, integration, project management, and other information security related services:

  • Information security compliance and risk management
  • Creation and implementation of information security policies and procedures
  • Information security support and monitoring
  • Business continuity and disaster planning
  • Network, hardware, and software assessment and maintenance
  • Vulnerability management

The biggest and most important piece of any information security plan and project, is business continuity and disaster planning. If your company does not have a plan or written contingencies, then your setting yourself up for disaster.  Failure to plan is planning to fail. CII Technology Solutions has consulting driven procedures in place that will guide you and your team through the entire business continuity and disaster planning process. You need to know that there is a plan in place to secure your sensitive information. CII Technology Solutions has you covered when it comes to information security.  We know what it takes to eliminate vulnerabilities and close loopholes. Your sensitive information is too important to not protect.  Contact our team of consummate professionals to put your information under the level of protection it deserves.(919)676-8300.