Informational Technology

Informational Technology

We have all heard the term Information Technology, but do we know what the term really means?

Simply put by Webster’s Dictionary, Information Technology is “the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data.” Even though it sounds simple, the definition uses many terms that may be missed by many.  To better understand the concept of Information Technology, the breakdown of each section of the definition is important. Every business, in the 21st century, uses a computer or a system of computers to operate the business. Each computer operates on software that directs its operation and manipulates data.  When a business has multiple computers, a network or system is designed allowing for communication and distribution of data while providing a higher level of security and protection. These pieces must be developed and maintained regularly for optimal performance.  CII Technology Solutions is well versed in the overarching needs of Information Technology.  We can work with you to develop a network of computers with the level of protection you need coupled with the software requirements.  Additionally, our team of highly trained experts can maintain your system to make sure it runs smoothly and without nefarious intruders.  Today, data security is an important part of your business.

Know what Information Technology is a good start but the big question is will it Affect My Business?

As with all technology, advancements will eventually make their way into your business. Remember when fax machines were the “in” thing.  Everyone had to have one.  Business began moving faster because we could send documents without having to use the mail services.  Next email arrived and jumped business farther forward, saving paper and moving business to the digital age.  Now transferring documents is easy as pushing a button. However, the easier has become for you to run your business it has also become easier for the criminals to steal your information.  Therefore, as you increase your information technology use, your security infrastructure must increase simultaneously.  Yes, information technology will have an effect on your business sooner or later and the degree of which depends on your acceptance and implementation of technological advancements.  Whether it’s integrating your processes, enhancing your marketing abilities, better managing receivables or improving supply chain management, the right technology can dramatically improve how you run your business.

How will Information Technology Increase Profits?

The effects of information technology will influence your profits.  At first, it may be a negative impact due to the purchase and service implementation of the technology.  The costs associated with implementation can be expensive.  However, the ends must justify the means.  If the technology over the long term reduces overall expenses such as time and travel and increases production, then the net will be an increase in profits over time.

Moving forward and taking the first steps to incorporate information technology further into your business requires a partner to help you navigate the complexities.  CII Technology Solutions is one the leading information technology companies in the United States.  We have the unsurpassed experience to listen and provide options in many areas of your business from accounting to customer service, and all areas in-between. Contact us today to get started on your information technology journey. (919)676-8300

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