Internet Speed Apex

Internet Speed Apex

“The Need for Speed!” a phrase often associated with fast driving and fast automobiles.  In corporate technology that phrase is has a comparable meaning. Corporation internet speed, for Apex companies, is highly important and directly affects operation, productivity, and profitability. The emblematic claims of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) concerning the speed of their networks is perplexing. Faster is better than slower. Yet, how much speed does your corporation require and what affect does that have?  We look to answer these questions and hopefully more as we take a quick, non-technical introduction to the basics for your Apex corporation.

Internet connections are separated into two speeds—downloading and uploading. Downloading involves the receiving of files such as documents, songs, images, etc., while, uploading is the sending of files. Speed is measured in “bits per second.” A single bit is a particularly small unit of data, and thousands (kilobits/kbps) or millions (megabits/mbps) travel per second. The number of bits per second is directly proportional to the speed of your connection. Need to increase the amount of data you need transferred, increase the speed.  Your speed is limited to the amount of bandwidth available. Bandwidth prescribes the amount of data that can move through at once.  A pipe is a good example of bandwidth. The amount of water that can move through a pipe is based on the size of the pipe.  Larger the pipe the more water volume through the pipe. Henceforth, increase bandwidth = increase in internet speed.  Fiber-optic cable has higher bandwidth than traditional copper-based cable. The internet speed of fiber-optic cable is 100x faster. The typical speed of 1 Gbps equates to a standard movie downloading seconds.  That’s major technological advancement, coming soon to Apex.

The numbers above are speeds the infrastructure can provide but your actual upload and download speeds depend on your computer, the distance from your ISP, and the type of connection available. Additionally, the number of people using your connection and what they are doing will directly affect your internet speed.  Large files accessed by multiple employees will increase the demand on your connection, therefore decreasing your internet speed.   These specifics must be considered when deciding what is internet speed is needed for your Apex corporation.

The one thing guaranteed is your need for faster internet speed will increase over time.  As your corporation grows so will your internet need. CII Technology Solutions can examine your current situation and deduce for the future taking into consideration your corporation goals and projections. Our technical experts are waiting to discuss the internet needs of your Apex corporation.  Call us today at (919)676-8300

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