Internet Speed Chapel Hill

Internet Speed Chapel Hill

Business or corporation internet speed, for your Chapel Hill business or corporation, is dependent upon the many things. The answers to these specific questions will help you determine the amount of internet speed your business or corporation needs.  Looking at the definition of internet speed will help us understand the variables.  Chapel Hill has always been open and welcome to technological advancement.  With internet speed, faster the speed the better, agree? Download speed and upload speed are the two types of internet speed.  Speed is measured in “bits per second.” A single bit is a particularly small unit of data, and thousands (kilobits/kbps) or millions (megabits/mbps) travel per second. The number of bits per second is directly proportional to the speed of your connection.  The amount of data that can flow at once is determined by bandwidth.  Bandwidth is like the pipe water flows through. Smaller the pipe the less amount water.  To increase bandwidth, the infrastructure will need to be elevated.  Fiber-optic cable will transfer more data than the traditional copper cable.

CII Technology Solutions can evaluate your current infrastructure and ISP.  We take that information and compare it to the needs of your Chapel Hill business or corporation.  As mentioned above, there are specific variables that must also be considered when deciding how much internet speed your business or corporation needs.

How many computers will be accessing the internet?

What is the age of your computers?

What type of data will the computers be transmitting?

What is the average size of file typically transmitted?

How far is your business or corporation from your ISP?

What type of technology infrastructure does your business or corporation currently possess?

Our experienced technicians will seek the answers to these questions and couple them with your business or corporation goals and trends in your industry.  Remember, your business or corporation will need to advance with technology at the pace you are comfortable with but idleness is not an option. To stay up with or ahead of your competition requires planning, observing, and research.  Give CII Technology Solutions a call today and let us help you and your Chapel Hill business or corporation! (919)676-8300

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