IT Infrastructure Services Raleigh

IT Infrastructure Services Raleigh

From switches and firewalls to servers and server rooms, CII Technology Solutions has your Raleigh business IT Infrastructure covered. IT Infrastructure is the backbone of the organization and any malfunction can set your business back and put you behind the proverbial eight ball. CII Technology Solutions combines speed, agility, and simplicity in scaling and managing IT Infrastructure, also known more specifically as Information Technology Infrastructure.  CII has access to best in the business Raleigh certified technology experts, toolsets, hardware, and software.  We offer companies a total package Raleigh IT infrastructure management solution, with comprehensive 24/7 Monitoring and Management, 24/7 Help Desk, Cloud Hosting, IT Security Services, Disaster Recovery, VoIP, and much more. (919)676-8300

Across the board, CII Technology Solutions is focused on solidifying and protecting your Raleigh business in every way possible, from data security to modernization.

First and foremost, we offer IT Infrastructure consulting services for all Raleigh businesses. Our package of consulting services will assess your data centers, operations, and ability to recover from disasters.  Our team will then suggest needed operational changes allowing your company to harness the competitive advantages from your IT services’ infrastructure, coupled with energy and facility-related cost savings. If needed, our Raleigh consulting team will assist in modernization of your data center. The first step is to reduce redundancies in servers and applications freeing up capital to invest elsewhere. Next, we look to find the optimal uses of your current servers and procedures and then show your team how to maximize storage capacity. All modernization suggestions are focused on saving your company money, energy, and resources.

Once CII Technology Solutions has helped modernize your IT Infrastructure and regain your competitive advantage, we offer a full set of IT Infrastructure management, managed hosting, and security consultation services, including IT infrastructure service desk.

Our services will help you to improve efficiency and uptime, while minimizing costs. We work with you closely to optimize your investment, as well as increase the effectiveness and productivity of the resources you already have, and achieve the goal of adding the minimum equipment or systems that will make your operations more efficient.

Raleigh businesses are growing at record speed.  If your IT Infrastructure is not up to the challenge, then it’s time to modernize. Call CII Technology Solutions even if you’re not sure if your system is ready. (919)676-8300