IT Solutions Raleigh

If you own a company, then you most likely have computers, network, and maybe IT infrastructure.  From the design to continuity, your system requires effective communication, must operate at peak performance levels, and be there when you need it. Truly amazing IT Solutions, in Raleigh, are hard to find, especially a company with a reputation far and above the rest.  CII Technology Solutions is the IT Solution provider you have been looking for. CII Technology Solutions was founded on customer service and is keenly focused on providing IT solutions to fit the exceptionality of your company needs, requirements, and wants. We provide the highest level of IT Solutions for small to medium sized companies across Raleigh. Our team of astonishingly experienced experts poised to become your outsourced IT department; with the ability to respond to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all your technology needs.

With CII as your outsourced Raleigh IT solutions provider, you will encounter:

  • A Good Night’s Sleep
  • Fewer Day-to-Day Issues
  • Less Downtime
  • Predictable Costs
  • Company Continuity
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • More Opportunities

We have found the biggest thing company owners want is consistency and dependability from the company they choose for their IT support. Just having the assurance that a reliable, trustworthy expert you can trust is just a phone call or a click away is the greatest service CII Technology Solutions can offer our Raleigh clients. We have the IT Solutions for all your computer repair and IT-related needs, even contact with outside vendors, giving company-owners a single point of contact to resolve any problem, with the added benefit of being Raleigh based.

Sometimes an issue arises, and you can’t simply get a hold of the IT guy.  You are kept waiting hours, or worse, days, for someone to call you back and get around to helping you get back to work. The truth is, you deserve better and CII Technology Solutions understands that.  When you need us, we will be there.

Why should you hire CII Technology to supply their unrivaled IT Solutions, across Raleigh?

  • Excellent Reputation – We built our reputation on the attention to details and our loyal service to our customers
  • Affordable Diagnosis
  • Trustworthy – See Testimonials from our highly satisfied clients
  • Expert Technical Skills – Our technical experts are the best in the company and continually train to improve their skill on the latest and most update technological advancements.
  • Friendly Service – Quick dependable services when you need it.
  • Experienced Professionals – Honesty, Trustworthy, Integrity, and Dependability

Our Services have designed our services to respond quickly and comprehensively to our Raleigh clients.

  • We are available and reachable by phone or email Providing peace of mind.
  • Our remote support tools allow us to remotely access systems and resolve the issues as quickly.
  • Our technicians speak in terms you can understand eliminating frustration and confusion.

Our IT Solutions cover the areas of managed servers, desktop support, cloud computing, network solutions, cyber security, etc.  That is awesome but what does that mean in normal jargon? Simply put, we can resolve issues and provide services, including:

  • Lines across the screen
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Operating system install/reinstall
  • Password recovery
  • Blue screen
  • Software issues resolved
  • Computer crashes
  • No image on screen
  • Laptop, Desktop & Mac upgrades
  • Workstation maintenance
  • Startup problems
  • Software installation
  • Faulty parts replaced any device
  • Liquid spills
  • Network problems
  • Tune up & optimization services
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Internet connection difficulties

Receiving Help is easy and only a phone call away to resolve all your issues with our full line of IT Solutions.  Our Raleigh team is ready and waiting to put you back on track.

Call our Raleigh team today at (919)676-8300!