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IT Support Charlotte

IT Support for Charlotte businesses and corporations is very important to daily operation. Basically, it’s the lifeblood infrastructure of every company.  Even a small one-man operation, in Charlotte, has one computer and it needs to operate without failure.  Computer downtime and malfunctions cost valuable time and money. CII Technology Solutions, in Charlotte, understands the specific pressures associated with operating and managing a business including the ever-apparent potential IT issues.  Our IT support services are designed with the business owner in mind and customizable to fit any industry or business size. We work with many types of business with uniquely specific needs, requirements, and various budget levels. We create an IT plan and budget for each customer to help them get the best value and strategically select their services and products. The first step is our initial consultation where we gather information on your goals, needs, and system infrastructure and requirements.  Our Charlotte team of IT professionals are ready to help.

Complete and comprehensive IT Support will provide your Charlotte business the competitive edge by reducing downtime and increasing productivity, while keeping costs low and within budget.  We have seen the most stable and patched IT systems develop problems requiring IT support. Be rest assured, if any part of your business IT system develops an issue, we’ll know about it immediately, often before you do via our system monitoring. We’ll remotely access your system and initiate remote IT support to address the issue. If the IT system issue needs to be addressed onsite, CII Technology Solutions provides emergency onsite response IT support.

  • Desktop Support Services
  • Help Desk
  • Emergency IT Support
  • Network Management & Maintenance
  • Network Security Services

…and more. In a nutshell, CII Technology Solutions helps manage your network, users, services, and devices that are essential to your company’s operations. We help guarantee that your organization’s network is current and that its technology provides continuous operations across all departments, hierarchies, and roles within your company.  When you’re considering outsourcing your IT support services and you’re in Charlotte, there are long-term benefits that should be considered:

  • IT Cost Reduction
  • Labor Cost Reduction
  • Uninterrupted Service Flow
  • Anxiety Relief and Disaster Recovery – a well-designed disaster relief plan will remove any apprehension and anxiety. You will be confident that if the internet goes down or a computer crashes that it will be handled quickly. Reducing the worry of your employees around lost productivity, threatened security, and disappearing information.
  • Increased Core Business Focus
  • Resource Expansion
  • Risk Reduction
  • Compliance and Security Guarantee – Companies must be up to date on the latest governing standards.
  • Increased Competitiveness – less time dealing with IT issues frees up time and money for innovation and market share focus.
  • Focus on Unique Selling Proposition – What sets your company apart? More time to focus on what you do best and further your organization’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Outsourcing IT support services, in Charlotte, affords companies the opportunity to free up valuable resources and focus on what matters: marketing, product development, and improving customer relations. Although the road toward change can be daunting, hiring outside professionals allows your business to learn, grow, and evolve.

Call or contact our Charlotte team at (919)676-8300 and let CII Technology Solutions help you!