Making Every Week Super

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January 16, 2013
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February 6, 2013

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. Just like the NFL teams, we’ve had our shares of ups and downs this Fantasy Football season, not to mention our home state team’s bruised ambitions (at least there’s hope for March Madness). We don’t let it get us down, though.


Because we like finding ways of making every week and every day super. More importantly, we want to make every week super for our clients and our local community. Here are the ways we plan to do that in 2013.

Midtown Forever

We moved into the Midtown Raleigh years ago, but in 2012 we really made community involvement a priority. Joining the Midtown Raleigh Alliance helped a lot in getting reacquainted with our neighbors and meeting new people and businesses. Plus, they throw great parties! Going to different Midtown businesses for these events made us come back and think “How can we do that?”

We took a good hard look at our offices and went on a renovation project: new paint, new lounge, new lobby. Hey, we even got new people in 2012. This month we’re putting the finishing touches on our like new space, and we plan to host a Midtown Raleigh event in June. We invite you to come on out and see our refreshed digs: we’ll give you the grand tour and answer any questions you have about why we’re so happy to serve the Midtown Raleigh community.

A Helping Hand

True confession time: being tech guys, sometimes we don’t always do a good as job as we’d like of looking up from our computers and stretching out of our comfort zone. We’re great when talking to our clients or a business partner, but there’s a temptation to only focus on that and nothing else in our city (except for sports: we totally know that). It’s a form of tunnel vision, one we’re working to break at every opportunity.

One such opportunity is our work with the Raleigh startup community. We’ve been in the technology business for over 30 years, which is a really unique perspective in this industry. We were that company once: just starting out, creating new lines of business, making crucial hiring and development decisions. Our developers enjoy sharing our knowledge and learning from the many new businesses opening up downtown, and we aim to help foster the growing Raleigh entrepreneur spirit in 2013.  In March our division managers are going to conduct a workshop focusing on tips and tricks to improve productivity from our wealth of experience.

We’re also going to continue our commitment to our community’s needs through our charitable support. This year we are going to continue our annual contributions to Wake Med Hospital, as well as Special Olympics, juvenile diabetes research, and local law enforcement. These organizations are close to the hearts of our company, and we’re proud to be a part of their efforts to make the Raleigh area a better place.

Fun Fun Fun

We want to grow our business in 2013, but we also want to have fun (note to new entrepreneurs: the two are not mutually exclusive). This past year we had a great time with company events in our North Hills community, like our bowling tournament at Sparians and our evening of culture at Wine & Design. Not to mention all those little perks our hard-working office thinks up all year round (we can’t wait until Valentine’s Day).

In 2013 we’re going to strive to share Cii’s fun with our biggest friends: our clients. We’ve started a newsletter to share our appreciation to everyone who’s trusted us with their business, expanded our social networking efforts, and plan to host a gala for these special people.

Why go through all the trouble? Because we care about making things as super as possible for our clients, regardless of how long or short we’ve known them. We’ve even had people recently come back to us after trying other options. Consistently, the reason is that we provided the best value because we did the best job. That kind of compliment makes us proud to serve and pushes to work that much harder in the coming year.

One thing we know for sure: 2013 is going to be super!