Mobile Application Design and Development

Mobile Application Design and Development

If you have a smart phone, then you know the basics of a mobile app.  You know what its designed functionality is focused on for anything from a recipe app to driving directions.  However, the true definition of a mobile application is a form of application software intended to operate on a mobile device, such as a smart-phone or tablet. Mobile applications commonly provide users with services accessed on PCs. Apps are normally small, individual software with increasing functionality. Mobile applications were popularized by Apple Inc. and its App Store, which sells thousands of applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch along with Google and Samsung.

The design of a mobile application is as important if not more than its functionality.  What is Mobile Application Design? Mobile application design is both the process and creativity that wraps the application in a presentation pleasant to the eyes.  The design process is not always easy. An effective design maintains user experience at the forefront of the design process. Without a good design a mobile app could fail. There are several things that must be keep at the forefront of the design process:

  • Mobility
  • The adoption of good design principles
  • Content must be treated as royalty
  • Test, analyze, listen, repeat

The design process of a mobile application is ongoing even after the launch.  A good app will always change as the needs of the customer change and technology advances.  The fluidity of mobile application technology requires consistent adaptation and monitoring.  Trends in the mobile app industry invariably make their way into the monitoring and adaptation of mobile applications. 

What are Trends in Mobile Application Design? Trends tend to reflect customer’s everyday needs and behavior. This never-ending process of modification follows us everywhere we go. The current trends in mobile application design and development are very interesting indeed.

  • Personalization
  • Simple Color Schemes and Minimalism
  • Onboarding and Offboarding Experience
  • Material Design: Young and Innovative
  • In-App Gesticulation or Gesture Inclusion
  • New Instruments of Mobile Navigation
  • Functional Animations
  • AR and VR Apps Future Advancements

Knowing your customer and coupling it with the advancements in mobile technology will keep your company on the cutting edge of mobile application technology, design, and development.  If you have an idea for a mobile application or need help maintaining or modernizing your current app, then give us a call at CII Technology Solutions.  We can help every step of the way. (919)676-8300

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