Mobile Application Design Charlotte

Mobile Application Design Charlotte

Regularly, corporations approach to CII Technology Solutions with a concept for a mobile application but don’t know where to start.  They have revealed to us a great idea to address a need lacking in Charlotte and in turn they need help bringing it to fruition. The advancement in smartphone technology has fueled the mobile application market, necessitating improved design and functionality.  The resulting demand is for apps to provide a good experience to the user, while maintaining smooth functionality. When CII Technology Solutions examines developing or designing a mobile application, for Charlotte corporations, we concentrate on key concepts and ideas.

You must know your market to start the process off right in designing a mobile application.  We recommend trying to be a user before being a designer.  Simply using the targeted devices and its associated apps will make it a lot easier to understand the needs and problems when initiating the design process. For the most part, you should already know your market, because you came up with an awesome application idea, but we always start here to make sure the design and planning are traveling in the right direction.

As a mobile application user, you understand that design and functionality is critical to making sure the application suits your needs and solves a problem. There are several considerations we use in the design phase.

  1. Push Notification should be used wisely. Overuse of notifications can negatively affect an application.
  2. Negative space enhances important content.
  3. Reduce the effort users must do to receive what they want. Every screen of the app should support a real value single action. Call to actions should not increase above one. We only want the user to do one thing on each page.
  4. Navigation should be self-evident and take up little screen space.
  5. Interface – everything on the mobile application screen is an interface. The idea is to reduce the interface to the lowest common denominator to increase interaction.
  6. One hand design configuration focused on increasing screen sizes.
  7. If users must wait on content then they will lose interest. Actions which are packed into background operations have two benefits — they are invisible to the user and happen before the user ask for them.

Localized mobile applications are becoming more prevalent and Charlotte specific is not out of the question. The most important thing to keep in mind, for mobile application design, is to ensure it is useful and intuitive. Usefulness is predicated on the practical value for a user. It must be useful for users to use it.  Whereas, a mobile application may be useful but require a lot of time and effort, users won’t bother learning how to use it.  CII Technology Solutions has found good UI and UX design addresses both design problems.

We are ready to help you design our mobile application idea and turn the Charlotte market place on its head. Call us today and we can help you bring your idea to fruition. (919)676-8300