Where Did Our Customers Go?
July 11, 2013
Mobile App Advertising: The Next Frontier?
October 15, 2013

Have you been “Waiting all day—” or week— “for Sunday night” lately?

You’re in good company. The opening to this year’s NFL season was the biggest yet: 25.1 million viewers on Thursday and 25.4 million on Sunday (US Today).

The latest stats from Pew Internet put mobile Internet usage by American adults at 63%, with 21% of them exclusively using mobile devices to go online. How’s that affecting football?

In 2013 alone,

  • 10 million live streams were generated by fans watching the Super Bowl earlier this year, with the CBS Sports website drawing 3 million unique viewers. Many of them weren’t just watching the game online but using their phones as a second screen to supplement the TV experience (Mashable).
  • The NFL draft brought 10 million unique viewers to the NFL’s website and mobile platforms, with 3.6 million live streams generated (
  • The newly revamped NFL mobile app is racking up the downloads: 30,536 in the Google Play store alone.
  • Fantasy football is now a major industry, with 24 million Americans playing. That’s including work pools like the one we enjoy at Cii (NPR).

What do any of those stats mean for your business?

Mobile is now the fastest growing platform to reach consumers. People want to enjoy the things they already know with the added (or augmented) depth their phones bring. If they’re shopping, they want to be able to easily compare prices or read reviews on the go. Enjoying a movie, game, or show? They want extra insights, bonus footage, or interactive components to the experience. Mobile allows large companies to make each consumer feel like individual, with everything tailored to fit that person’s needs.

And we can help you bring that same awesome customization to your customers. That’s a win-win situation any fan will cheer.