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Has your Wake Forest business considered how your computer system or network infrastructure will grow with you?  Do your computers or hardware interface regularly?  Do you have the needed security or firewall to protect your data? These questions may demonstrate you need a solid, flexible network infrastructure installed or updated.  If you determine your Wake Forest business needs network infrastructure solutions tailored to your company’s requirements, CII Technology Solutions has the service to fit your needs.  As Wake Forest’s leading provider of technology solutions, we can design, install, implement, and monitor business network infrastructure.  Our technicians will work with the building owners, architects, and additional staff to design custom made systems that accommodate the unique specifications of your property.

CII Technology Solutions offers complete solutions for your network infrastructure needs, including:

Simplicity – Network Infrastructure must be simplified for maximum performance and scalability.

Availability – We focus on ensuring your network and systems are up and running with redundant power sources and backup systems for additional protection.

Support – We will configure, monitor, maintain, update and patch your network freeing you up for business oriented functions.

Regulatory Management – We will ensure your network infrastructure remains with compliant industry regulations and internal technology standards, policies.

When CII Technology Solutions designs the network infrastructure for a business, we evaluate many aspects and take into consideration every possibility.  Each business is different which makes every network infrastructure unique.  Our systems are designed to enhance business agility by helping you to create a stable and scalable network environment. A well-designed network infrastructure will definitely provide your Wake Forest business with some distinct advantages.

  • Increase Agility
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Wider Choice – from our customized services portfolio
  • Decreased Risk – help secure your network against hacking and malicious intrusions and decrease operational disruptions through the implementation of industry best practices.
  • Increased Quality

With the advances in technology, it’s more important than ever, a well-designed, intelligently deployed network infrastructure is vital for business success and long-term survival. The experts at CII Technology Solutions can allow your network the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business conditions and opportunity positioning for strategical advantage giving your Wake Forest business competitive advantage.

For more information and a consultation, contact CII Technology Solutions today and let us help you grab the future by the horns and get that competitive advantage you deserve.  (919)676-8300

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