Partners & Certifications

Partners & Certifications

We’ve built our business off of technical expertise and customer service, but our partnerships play a huge role too. Cii partners allow us to use top-tier hardware, software, and practices for our business solutions, as well as give us access to the highest level, round-the-clock support. Our employees work hard and continue to learn, refine, and stay up to date, in order for our business to reach these levels of certification and provide the best service and support possible.

Being a Microsoft Silver Competency Partner places Cii among the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide. As a competency partner, Cii provides business technology solutions based on Microsoft best practices. Our technicians are qualified and certified to set up and manage business systems the way Microsoft would do it themselves to ensure a complete, reliable solution.

Dell is one of the world’s top computer and server manufacturers globally. Our partnershipwith Dell warrants us to use Dell hardware in our IT solutions packages. Their servers and PCs are among the best, and are one the reasons our infrastructure solutions are top-notch. Dell also offers financing solutions to enable us to offer a complete project at a low monthly cost.

Google Fiber Tech Partners are selected by Google Fiber for their expertise in helping businesses with their IT challenges. They can assist with everything from data security to cloud computing to setting up Internet and Wi-Fi networks. Tech Partners receive exclusive training in Fiber products and services and can help businesses make the most of their super fast Internet connection.

SonicWall is a worldwide leader in high-performance network security and data protection solutions. Through our partnership with them, we can offer the best network security appliances for small businesses, in order to maintain secure networks. SonicWall also provides some of the best support in the industry.

Lenovo is one of the most innovative companies in the PC industry. Partnering with them allows us to offer their cutting-edge computers and devices in our technical services packages. Their range of products gives us the opportunity to offer flexible financing options when setting up office hardware solutions.

StorageCraft is our preferred backup solution for business technology. This partnership gives us 24/7 access to high-level support and allows us to leverage technology to build a comprehensive managed backup imaging strategy for our clients; ensuring that in the event of a disaster, data is not lost and downtime is minimized.

Synology is an industry leader in network-attached storage. Their storage technologies are highly reliable and efficient. We partner with Synology to utilize their unique capabilities for backup and storage solutions, making sure important data is safely stored in more than one place.

We’ve used many different antiviruses during our time. Webroot has consistently given the best performance. We partnered with them because we found they have the most trustworthy antivirus, and use it as part of our comprehensive managed desktop solutionand protection plan.

Cii is a Managed Service Provider with Cisco certified technicians. With Cisco Certified Network Administrators, Cii is able to provide Cisco network consulting and support as part of our business technology solutions.

Hewlett-Packard is large manufacturer of computer hardware worldwide. As a Hewlett-Packard Reseller Partner, Cii not only receives bulk pricing, but also added expertise and support for HP computers and other hardware.