• Grant Thornton

    Provides audit, tax, and advisory services to public and private firms in over 120 countries across the globe.

    Grant Thornton is an industry-leading organization of independent audit, tax, and advisory firms, with over 38,500 people in over 120 countries. Since 1924, GT has lent its financial services to public and private companies, government agencies, financial institutions, and civic and religious organizations. Grant Thornton has been at the forefront of software in this industry, in order to provide their stakeholders with a fast, efficient, and smart means of performing audits and financial services.

    We’ve developed, implemented, and updated auditing and accounting software programs for Grant Thornton for more than two decades.

    What We Did

    • Created and customized one of the first software products for general use in accounting.
    • Developed a successful ongoing suite of software for Grant Thornton, from inception to launch.
    • Managed maintenance and updates for all of the software programs being used.
    • Localized applications to work in many different languages, in many parts of the world.

    What They're Saying

    "Cii has been a partner of Grant Thornton for many years. Their people are creative, bright, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Our partners and employees throughout the world could not be more pleased."

    – Edward Nusbaum, Executive Partner and CEO

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  • Alien Skin Software

    Releases a steady stream of highly regarded tools for photographers and graphic designers.

    Since 1993, Alien Skin Software has made producing cool graphics software a mission. From industry standards like Photoshop to custom graphic design tools, their reputation for bug-free software and fast, friendly tech support has created an ever growing band of loyal customers.

    We designed and deployed a simple, reliable infrastructure that empowers Alien Skin Software to deliver best in class software for their customers.

    What We Did

    • Simplified complex development and testing environment with Hyper-V virtualization.
    • Deployed infrastructure to decrease downtime in the event of a failure.
    • Support internal users and customized applications, including mobile accessibility.

    What They're Saying

    "Cii has been handling all of our in-house IT needs since 2008, and I have to say the level of service is outstanding. The speed of response and knowledge level is unsurpassed. I highly recommend their service to any business that depends on having a solid working network or data system in place."

    – Jim White, Product Development

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  • Get Moving Midtown Logo

    Midtown Raleigh's 100-Minute Fitness challenge: a community fundraising effort for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County.

    Get Moving Midtown is a Midtown Raleigh, NC community fitness event that benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wake County. September 28, 2014 was the first Get Moving Midtown challenge and charity event, complete with a 100-minute workout led by local gyms, activities for kids, healthy eating demos and samples, a trade fair, and much more.

    Our sponsorship included the donation of development services for the Get Moving Midtown website and mobile app. We also added to the cause through event promotion, social media coordination, and sponsorship solicitation. In 2015, we re-designed and updated the app for the 2015 event.


    Page of GMM website developed by Cii

    App Menu

    Menu of GMM app developed by Cii

    App Challenge Descriptions

    Challenges of GMM app developed by Cii

    What We Did

    • Registered, built, and hosted website to promote the event.
    • Built contact and registration forms on the site to allow participants to sign up and stay in touch.
    • Assisted in event planning, including strategizing and instructing social media promotion efforts to partners and sponsors.
    • Built, tested, and published mobile app for event participants to keep track and prepare for event. Performed updates to mobile app.
    • Ensured a successful event through technology coordination.

    What They're Saying

    "In a day and age when doing the minimum has become expected and acceptable, it is beyond refreshing to work with a partner whose standard is simply ‘above and beyond.’ Pulling off all technical communication aspects for Raleigh’s largest Fitness Challenge might have been daunting for other technology communication firms, but it was a breeze for us because our partner was Cii Technology Solutions. From website development and web-based communications to social media guidance and even mobile app development and approval – it is a one-stop shop for your technology based communications! Bravo Cii."

    – Tara Lightner Robbins, Executive Director - Midtown Raleigh Alliance

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  • Lobbyguard

    Industry leader in visitor management software.

    LobbyGuard Solutions, LLC handles 300,000+ visitor sign-ins each week at school, corporate, government, medical and other facilities all over the world. Their kiosks are self-service visitor management systems designed to help public and private institutions effectively manage their employee and visitor activity.

    Our services provide LobbyGuard with the necessary tools to remain a recognized leader in the visitor management industry.

    What We Did

    • Redesigned website with WordPress to better present the company to a world audience and allow for simplified site management.
    • Created e-commerce store to supply growing international customer base.
    • Redesigned kiosk interface with WPF for improved user experience and accessibility.
    • Manage SEO and online ads to guide and convert searchers and site visitors into customers.
    • Host website to promote customer outreach and support.

    What They're Saying

    "Cii refactored our kiosk software and developed our website As a result, our new product equipped with its new software is the most powerful we've offered, and has generated an outstanding response from our clients. Most recently, they assisted us in finding and upgrading customers through SEO, Google Adwords, and email marketing campaigns. Cii's spectrum of services offered all the support we needed to make the next phase of our product line successful."

    – Kevin Allen, President

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  • Grubb Properties

    Oversees approx. 3,000 apartment homes and 1 million square feet of office & retail space.

    Grubb Properties has been a leader in the real estate industry for nearly half a century, providing customers and partners with superior residential, commercial and development products and services. A fully integrated real estate company, Grubb Properties focuses on the Charlotte and Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary) markets of North Carolina.

    Grubb Properties relies on Cii to provide solutions that provide continuity so they can continue to build their business.

    What We Did

    • Monitor servers and critical software.
    • Provide assistance on major technical projects.
    • Support for advanced networking and server issues, as well as remote offices on site.

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  • Midtown Raleigh Alliance

    Brings together community leaders with those who live, work and play in Midtown Raleigh.

    The Midtown Raleigh Alliance works to promote a growing business and cultural community in the heart of Raleigh, NC through monthly events and leadership on key city issues. Whether enjoying after hours social or meeting with city planners, members work to grow the economic vitality of the area.

    We assisted this organization with the means of improving their website to reach a broadening audience.

    What We Did

    • Developed content plan to ensure latest membership and news items are updated promptly.
    • Added new functionality on website, such as improved media capabilities, social integration, and event planning and tracking.
    • Lead outreach meeting on technology issues for community members.

    What They're Saying

    "Cii Technology Solutions brings a sense of fresh energy and vision for the future to their work. When Midtown Raleigh Alliance was fortunate to connect with the Cii team, we knew immediately this is a team that exceeds expectations at every turn and our partnership has been of great benefit not only to MRA but to Midtown Raleigh. Cii recently revamped our website, bringing alive the Midtown vision and sense of community."

    – Martha Grove Hipskind, Executive Director

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