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Cii Technology Solutions provides dynamic, proactive IT management and support to businesses in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. As a tech company headquartered in Raleigh since 1981, Cii is also an expert in Raleigh IT consulting.

Why Seek Outside IT Help?

Many companies first seek help from an IT consultant when undergoing a small project or looking to supplement their existing IT person or team. We all know IT can be challenging. Even experienced professionals need a second opinion sometimes. And not everyone is a specialist in everything; consulting with a team of IT professionals can help IT admins and business managers find a resolution much faster than research or trial-and-error. That’s where our Raleigh IT consulting comes in handy.

Cii IT Consulting

We’re eager to help all companies with IT questions or concerns, and can always help you make the proper decision or steer you in the right direction. Whether or not we need to visit your company, monitor your machines, or just talk over the phone, we always aim to help local companies make the best decision when it comes to their computer systems and software.

Relax, Cii can help take the anxiety and uncertainty out of technology decisions!

We can help assist you with questions regarding:

  • Computer Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Hardware Decisions
  • Cloud IT
  • Hosting Decisions
  • Phone Systems
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Raleigh IT Service Providers

We partner with many companies to monitor and maintain their network environments. Others consult with us and use our experts to help them with IT decisions or for additional help when projects or special circumstances arise.

Wikipedia explains IT consulting as “advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives” (Wikipedia). That’s true for us. We want to help your company understand technology and achieve business goals, not try and sell you every service we offer.

Calling us should be an easy, friendly conversation; not one in which you’re worried about getting pushed into blowing your budget. Getting started with us is easy, no matter what your business needs are. Our Raleigh IT services have helped many small to medium-sized businesses, and we have solutions for you too.

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We’re a Raleigh IT consultant that’s easy to get a hold of. We can always provide you with a quick response.

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