Raleigh IT Services

Raleigh IT Services

In the heart of Midtown Raleigh, NC, Cii Technology Solutions offers a wide variety of Cloud-based and on-site Raleigh IT services. Cii was founded in Raleigh in the 1980s, and has built business on consistent satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals. We are unique in that we do not require companies to enter contracts, but instead grow our business based on our unmatched skill levels and customer satisfaction. Starting out as a financial software development firm, we’ve developed IT and web skills to help the Raleigh area by helping achieve goals through technology systems for many years.

Raleigh IT Today

Today, we’ve expanded our business to include many software platforms as well as IT management services that help businesses of all industries and sizes run like well-oiled tech companies, without the higher costs. A growing demand for technology performance and business continuity led us to expand our own IT department and resources into a team that helps other Raleigh businesses maximize their technology efforts and investments.

Proactive, cost-saving Raleigh IT services for your company.

Our IT technicians are highly trained, experienced, and helpful. We stress proactive, preventative measures to ensure that your networks are protected, stable, and ready for growth. Migrations, expansions, and unexpected issues still may arise. Through multiple means of support, our convenient location, and our 24/7 help-desk, our team is always prepared to assist your company with any project or issue.

We partner with leading technology companies like Microsoft and Google to ensure that our Raleigh IT services provide the best-available technology in addition to the best customer service around.

Our Raleigh IT Services

We offer IT network and computer services and consulting in addition to full IT Management. We tackle projects from network design and setup, to maintenance and repair, to data protection and security.

While we only offer our IT services to businesses, no company is too big or too small to be excluded from our enterprise-caliber tech services. Our office IT environment is set up for a high-volume of software development; so size is not always an indicator of how robust an IT network needs to be. Our team is dedicated to analyzing the needs of your company and providing the most reasonable, cost-effective solutions.

Sometimes, as-needed IT services make more sense than monthly plans based on a company’s budget, and we won’t try to scare you into more services than you need. Our aim is to help businesses take advantage of the information technology in the marketplace, rather than struggle to make sense of it.