Secure File Sync Charlotte

Secure File Sync Charlotte

The need to securely work or share files, between devices and/or colleagues, is rapidly becoming a business requirement.  The exponential growth of the Charlotte business community and subsequent IT requirements have required increased file sync security, flexibility, and multiple device capabilities. With employees and ownership increasingly working from separate facilities and locations, CII Technology Solutions has developed a secure file syncing service explicitly dedicated to safe and flexible file sharing.

Business praises for document sharing tools are discussed across almost every business platform and industry. However, there are many Charlotte based businesses who are unsure of their management and the benefits to expect. Collaboration and productivity are two of the biggest areas organizations will observe a noticeable difference. Here are a few file sharing productivity statistics that every business should know when studying CII’s file sync service.

When applying a file sharing solution, users can easily share knowledge and locate information, saving a large amount of time that was once used to handle and organize physical documents. Did you know? 21.3 percent of workers had challenges managing documents, resulting in productivity issues. 50 percent of an employee’s day may be devoted to searching for information. 18 minutes is required for finding each file.

These are visible issues that cannot be ignored. With CII’s secure file sync service, teams can regain valuable time. E-signatures typically yield $20 per document in savings and reduce turnaround times by 80 percent. Rather than requiring 18 minutes, a sharing solution has a search bar that brings results in seconds, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks, resulting in improved document management capabilities and overall productivity.

With these noticeable benefits, are you using a secure file sync service in your Charlotte business?  No?  Call our Charlotte office today for your free consultation. (919)676-8300