Software Translation

Software Translation

Are you looking to translate your software to another language but don’t know where to start? Did you spend months, even years, developing a software package with focus on one language and suddenly have the need to translate to new languages? Or does your development team just lack the manpower or man-hours to achieve the daunting task of software translation internally?

Making software code translatable, and successfully translated, is no walk-in-the-park; especially if it was not written with multiple languages in mind from the get-go.

Our partners and employees throughout the world could not be more pleased.

Edward Nusbaum Executive Partner and CEO

Modern Software Translation

Cii has developed various multinational software packages throughout our 30-plus year history, and our development teams often focus on building translatable software systems. We have the knowledge and experience to make your entire source code translatable, and even perform the translation for you. Our software engineers take all the pain and wasted time out of software translation, and help get your product ready for any international market.

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