Spam Blocking Raleigh

Spam Blocking Raleigh

Nowadays everyone uses email; you cannot run a business without it. If you run a business in Raleigh, you probably use email. Email is a valuable tool but spam emails are a nuisance. Spam emails are just emails that are intended to promote a service or product and are sent out in bulk to a range of email addresses, it’s much like junk mail or those annoying telemarketing calls you receive late at night. All of us despise the junk mail and the waste of resources it involves, and nobody enjoys getting calls late at night from an automated system attempting to sell you a service. Spam email only wastes the time of your workers because they have to go through emails to eliminate spam and it also takes up needed space on your computer’s Internet server.

Raleigh businesses do not need spam, so why have it delivered to your mailbox? 99 percent of the emails received do not have anything to do with your organization. All they do is rob your valuable work of productivity. It creates problems with workers as it takes a while for them to go through all the emails and decide whether it’s a legit email or just trash. Some of them are also quite deceptive, the men and women who send out them know they have to be smart and creative, frequently sending spam emails which may be confused by an employee for something significant.

The danger of spam emails is an employee could accidentally reply to a spam email and possibly deliver information to someone who shouldn’t have obtained that information. A cookie is a way for those spammers to monitor who has opened the email and makes it easier for them to send even more spam emails in the future. It may also collect information in the computer and ship it back to whoever sent the cookie.

To fight the battle against spam email, CII Technology Solutions has a robust spam blocking service designed for our Raleigh clients. With our service, your company will receive the following:

  • The installation of robust, spam blocking solutions specifically for business.
  • Managed security updates and patches to stay one step ahead of the spammers.
  • Provide local, Raleigh-based support where the messages you need get through.

If your receiving a plethora of spam emails and they are killing your productivity and the productivity of your employees, then contact our Raleigh spam blocking experts at (919)676-8300

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