Spreading the Holiday Cheer

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December 10, 2013
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As the year comes to a close, we’re visiting some clients, thanking them, and wishing them happy holidays.  As we paid our visits, we came across one client that had needed some network and computer problems fixed, but had not been sending in any resolution requests.  The client, a private school for special needs children, wanted the problems fixed but didn’t think they had room in their budget to have someone fix the problems.

Our IT Director listened, and thought to himself: “these kids and this staff deserve better than this, there’s got to be something we can do.”  He and one of our systems administrators cleared the next couple hours of their schedules, and started working hard on the school’s systems.  They upgraded their computers, cleaned up the school’s network and server room, and, most importantly, made everything run faster.

The two of them took time during a busy week to help out a well-deserving client.  They also did the work free of charge, along with donating all the required equipment and cables.  Knowing that the school needed the help but wasn’t ready to pay for it, gave us an opportunity to give them the best Christmas gift we possibly could.


We love doing everything we can to help out charitable and non-profit organizations in Raleigh and Wake County, especially around the holidays.  We hope that everyone feels compelled to help when presented an opportunity to assist and support a cause they believe in.  In this case, we know educating the youth is important, and we recognized that kids are going to have a much tougher time learning if a computer’s speed is holding them back.  We didn’t feel it was fair for these students to have to suffer through slow or malfunctioning computers, and decided to do everything we could to help.

We also regularly donate computers and equipment to other schools and non-profits.  When our clients upgrade their machinery, we offer to take their current computers and donate them somewhere they are needed.  We also properly recycle computers that are nearing the end of their life cycles. We destroy the hard drives to keep the files and components out of the wrong hands.  Then, we ensure they are handled and recycled properly to protect the environment from their potentially harmful elements and parts.  If you have any questions about recycling or donating old computers, or upgrading your computer network, contact us for more information.