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Enterprise-Level IT Services

Technology is a constantly changing requirement for all modern businesses. IT systems can present a whole host of improvements and solutions for businesses, but also cause some unwanted problems:

  • recovering from computer failure, spam overload, or data loss
  • wasting valuable hours waiting for a phone call from support
  • malicious attacks on your network and data
  • keeping track of the latest updates and upgrades
  • your employees sitting around waiting for their computer to be fixed

What’s the solution?

Cii provides proven IT services and solutions; Windows and Mac computer network support, network and server maintenance, and computer system consulting tailored to meet the needs of North Carolina businesses. It’s not about hype or the latest piece of trendy technology, it’s about securing your business’s most valuable data, improving technical efficiency, and keeping your people doing what they do best. We’re familiar with every kind of workplace computer network disaster, and we are equipped to prevent and control any threats to your technical business operations. Our sound, stress-tested solutions aim to improve, maintain, and protect your company’s computer network and most valuable digital resources.

IT Support and Services

We’ve formed world-class partnerships with leading business IT companies like Microsoft and Google, and we’ve got the experience to maximize your technology efficiency, and handle whatever IT challenge comes your business’s way. We provide Raleigh IT support locally, and remote support statewide and even out of state. From cloud services to data security and server maintenance, Cii’s technical services team helps you utilize technology to grow and protect your business.

Our IT Services:

  • Email & Web Hosting
  • Server Maintenance
  • Full IT Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Desktop

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So whether it’s onsite computer repairs or remote network monitoring and support, you can bank on our many years of experience to provide superior computer help and support for your business.

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