In today’s business world, it’s expected to have more important documents and files stored on your computer than on paper. Most, if not all, businesses will agree. Spreadsheets with passwords or records, contracts, memos, databases, emails, images, reports, PowerPoint presentations; all these and more are crucial digital business files, and require a proactive and layered data protection strategy to maintain business continuity.

The necessity of maintaining all these files makes it a wise idea for all businesses to have a plan in place to protect and rescue data in any situation. Among the largest setbacks for businesses today include data loss and downtime due to repairs and recovery.

Threats to Data Protection

Drive failures, malware, natural disasters, human error, and crime (cyber or otherwise) can all lead to data disasters. Your business data needs a security and recovery plan that always works, and doesn’t break the bank or surprise you with hidden fees.

Let us make sure your information is protected and recoverable, so you can get back to working worry-free.

How Cii can Help Protect your Data

  • Customized backup plans based on recurring professional reviews and a thorough understanding of your business data.
  • A layered approach to the first line of defense, including Virus, Malware, and Exploit protection through multiple security measures.
  • Secure, regular backups stored on and off-site – managed and protected by our professional technicians.
  • Monitoring and maintenance done after your business hours, so we’ll never slow you down or get in your way.
  • Routine summaries of your data backups with real solutions and recommendations for real problems.
  • Maintain a high level of communication to keep you informed on your security and business continuity plan.
  • Cloud security tools like Hosted Web Protection and Secure File Sync to keep malicious files off your network and keep your data securely backed up.

The security, efficiency, and success of your business are our number one priority. Get in touch with our IT professionals at Cii today to review your data protection plan and see how we can make sure your crucial business data stays secure and available.

Our IT services are based on month to month satisfaction, and do not require a contract or contain hidden fees. The only long-term commitment is our commitment to superior service to you.

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