Simply functioning isn’t enough for computers in today’s workplace. You and your employees need fast, dependable computers to stay on top of your to-do-lists. You need to be able to rely on your office’s computers to work, and work well, each time you come in to the office. Computer slowdowns and downtime lead to stagnant workdays, delayed deadlines, and employee frustration. We make sure your computers perform well at all times with our desktop support services.

Why Cii?

Our desktop support service ensures your office computers consistently work hard for their entire life cycle, from purchase to upgrade. We remotely monitor the desktops in your office, and can provide on-site computer support services when necessary. We provide all the crucial security, efficiency, and backup services to ensure that problems rarely arise; and if they do, we make sure their effect on you and your productivity are minimized and barely noticeable.

Our job is to make sure these concerns aren’t an issue for you, so your office can stay worry-free when it comes to desktop, server, and overall network function.

Desktop Computer Support Services

  • Powerful and reliable computer workstations to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Expert guidance on what to purchase, when to upgrade, and overall communication on all desktop support and maintenance issues.
  • Raleigh-based tech support for general and brand-specific maintenance (Microsoft licensed).
  • Remote desktop and network monitoring 24/7.

We also offer hosted desktop services, in addition to remote desktop support services. Check out our Cloud Desktop, which maximizes work-time and accessibility, and minimizes your need to purchase and upgrade hardware.

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