Even the best designed website isn’t much use if it’s not available online. Outages can be caused by too much traffic, internal errors, or even malicious intruders. If someone tried to click a link to your website, would it be open for business? At Cii we offer a wide variety of web hosting solutions to make sure your business stays online.

Let us take the headache out of web hosting. Our IT service team and secure Raleigh, NC office keep your website safe and always available online. Hosting your website with Cii makes it easier to make changes, updates, and improvements on your website, whether you are making the changes or you have us take care of them for you.

Web hosting on large shared servers through high-volume companies can cause your website to slow-down or even crash, due to other websites on your server. You definitely don’t want your customers to be turned away from your slow website because of someone else’s unrelated website hogging bandwidth on your server.

What We Do

  • Host sites on virtual private servers and/or Cloud-based shared ones.
  • Servers built for any-sized business’s needs with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.
  • Dedicated customer support from a team of local experts you can always reach.

Contact Cii today to learn more about the advantages of our web hosting services, or any of our other IT services.

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