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August 29, 2012
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We’re still recovering from the holiday, so our normally thorough, comprehensive blog posts are on hiatus until next week.

Since joining the rest of the world on Pinterest, we’ve noticed that some of the most common pins on the technology boards are of USB sticks. As in, lots of USB sticks.

Here are some the neatest (and weirdest) ones we’ve seen.

This garden USB hub is awesome: who wouldn’t want flowers for their desk that never go bad or need watering? The only downside we can see is the flower stalks. Just how sturdy are they, and will pruning potentially be required if one snaps?

Source: via Cii Technology on Pinterest

On the other hand, this little piggy USB hub is just … strange. Pigs are usually cute (except in real life), but having all the little USB piglets attach to the mother this way is a concept that might have been best left on the drawing board.

Source: via Cii Technology on Pinterest

This Swiss Army Knife offers all the tools you need to survive both the natural wild and the concrete jungle, including USB pullout. Considering how sturdy most USBs are, we expect this one to be virtually incorruptible and indestructible.

Source: via Isao on Pinterest

This USB looks like it’s straight off the set of a science fiction movie. It’s got military-grade encryption and is rugged enough to withstand just about anything. If you want to feel like James Bond every time you plug into a computer, this is the stick for you.

Source: via Sylvain on Pinterest

Maybe your tastes are more retro, as in way back. You’ll definitely know if anyone’s tampered with this USB: just like letters in older times, this stick has a wax seal. Of course, this security option really only works once, so don’t store commonly used files on this stick.

Source: via Cii Technology on Pinterest

But we saved the best for last: the semi-complete Avengers set. Black Widow and Hawkeye are left out (guess it’s just for the ones who’ve had their own movies), but the other four are present and awesome. No matter your fav main guy, there’s a USB for you. Each one will allow you to release your inner superhero every time you plug in.

Source: via Ryan on Pinterest

Have you ever seen a USB device you think is outstanding (positively or negatively)? Let us know in the comments, or connect with one of our boards on Pinterest.